Air Journey World Tour [Complete]: Leg 21 - Anchorage AK, USA to Ketchikan AK, USA to Seattle, WA USA

Leg 10 Interlude - Potala Palace, Lhasa Tibet

Leg 11: Paro, Bhutan to Chiang Mai, Thailand

After a delay (IRL waiting for things to settle out with the G3000 between v0.5.1 and v0.6.1), we’re back on track!

Note to future travelers - Paro airport in Bhutan:

  1. Does not have an ATIS/AWOS - in real life you would need to contact the nearest weather station by HF radio or land-line telephone - obviously not options in the sim.
  2. Feels real short for a Longitude T/O; I saw the piano keys on the other end of the runway and I had just barely cleared Vr.

Paro Bhutan (VQPR) to Chiang Mai, Thailand (VTCC) - 750nm or so.

Leg 11 Interlude: Wat Pho, Thailand and Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Leg 12 - Chiang Mai, Thailand to Luang Prabang, Laos

High and Hot in the hills of Laos. RNAV never kicked in, and it was all minimum speed maneuvering during the approach.

Thanks for highlighting this.

Wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing this.

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Leg 13: Luang Prabang, Laos (VLLB) to Siam Reap. Cambodia (VDSR) , to Singapore (WSSL)

A long way down, and the tops of the bad weather extended above FL440. Tough penetration into cloud and rain on the approach, but we broke out into some clear patches, and a double rainbow.

Leg 13 Interlude: Singapore!

Leg 14: Singapore to Jakarta, Indonesia - not even Lightning can keep up with the Vertigo on this leg.

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Leg 15 - Indonesia to Malaysia

Arrived safely at Sandakan, MY.

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Leg 16 - Malaysia to Vietnam

Arrival in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Interludes: Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam

Indonesia Convention Center:

Malaysia - Telekom Tower, Mid Valley Megamall and Petronas Towers

Hanoi - Keangnam Landmark Tower

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Leg 17 - Ho Chi Minh City, VN to Macau, PRC

Morning Arrival to Macau - that was a long taxi to the ramps.

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Interlude: Macau and Hong Kong Landmarks

Including a visit to the old Kai Tak airport.

Leg 18 - Macau, PRC to Taipei, ROC

Safely arrived at Chiang Kai Shek International

Interlude - Taipei Landmarks

With a recovery at Songshan (RCSS).

Leg 19 - Taipei, ROC to Osaka, JP

Evening arrival into Osaka, JP R23R ILS. Overcast weather but made for a misty sunset.

Japan Interlude: Osaka, Kyoto and Sapporo




Leg 20 - Osaka, JP to Petropavlovsk, RU to Anadyr, RU (Technical Stop) to Anchorage AK, USA

Over 1800 nm with two stops in Russia (not much to see unfortunately), but it’s been nearly two months since having launched out of Canada, and we’re back in North America with a fabulous view of Mt. Witherspoon and Mt. Einstein in the distance to round out this leg.

Petropavlovsk, RU

Anadyr, RU

Anchorage Alaska, USA

Leg 21 - Anchorage to Ketchikan to Seattle - the last leg!

Beautiful launch out of Ted Stevens, with Awesome Views of the mountains and frozen inlets. Instrument approach from the north into Ketchikan for a technical stop.

Rough going at FL310 headed into Boeing Field, with CAT and a 90 kt crosswind. I took step downs to find less chop. Unfortunately, the soup went all the way down to about 5,000 AGL and it was icing all the way.

But we broke out just before Seattle proper, and had a clear shot into KBFI. What a world tour!