Air Manager 4 & Knobster Q's

I have my new 19" Touch Screen, Air Manager 4 and the Knobster running ok. So cool !

The only issue I have, is when I select mouse click or touch, any rotary knob on my touch monitor, all sound cuts out till I re-click inside, (focus) the main monitor.

The sim keeps running, aircraft flying. It’s just that any mouse click or touch press in the 2nd monitor shuts the sound off.

I am new to any multi monitor setup. What have I got wrong or missed here ?

I haven’t experienced that one but going to tag @Crunchmeister71 who may have an idea.

I’m not at my computer atm to point you to the exact location, but there’s an option in the sim under the sound settings to kill sim sound when the main sim window isn’t in focus. You need to disable that.


Thanks SkyPilot. I must have overlooked some setting/s.

Thanks Crunch, I was sure it’s just something I’ve missed like that.

Cheers guys !


You should be able to find the setting easily enough. That will fix you right up.

And please, post a pic of your setup when you get it all working. I’d love to see it. I’m always curious how different people use Air Manager in their own way.

EDIT: Good call on 19" monitors. Bigger (to a point) definitely equals better for Air Manager.

And join us on Discord! :slight_smile:

Thanks my friends, That did the trick. So appreciated. I’ll try to get a photo of my setup.


I haven’t had so much fun and realism. This is just awesome. I’ve mounted the knobster on my touch monitors right bezel, halfway up using 3M VHB double sided tape.

I have 4 DIY Knobsters built inside small project boxes. I have them attached to the left and right sides of my yoke and throttle with VHB tape as well. That stuff is amazing.

Having instruments and controls in front of you that you can touch and activate like that takes things to a whole new level.

Now I need to sell all my Logitech FIP’s. I have the 6 pack. They were ok, but this is on a whole new level and my desk is clutter free too.

Oh yeah. There’s no comparison. The FIPs were great when they came out like 10 years ago. Today though, even using Spad to add excellent functionality, they’re still lackluster, low res, and just a pain with all the USB ports they take up. And they’re stupid expensive too. You’re taken your first steps into a much wider and more versatile world with Air Manager.

Here’s a shot of how I have my Knobsters mounted. Only 2 shown here, but they’re like that on either side of each of my Honeycomb units.

Those with OCD will be triggered because they’re not all mounted at the same height. :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol, might as well have just tagged me :wink:

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I have terrible OCD ! but my cable management still needs work. :grinning:

I just upgraded to the Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo too. With those, AM4, Knobster, my sim flying is on a new level.

It was pretty much a trigger warning for you dude. lol

To me, the best part of it is the versatility. The ability to switch from one plane type to another instantly (once you have your panels set up, of course) is the key feature to me. It’s relatively inexpensive and you can literally fly anything at all.

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Just for the record guys.

I’m not affiliated with the Air Manager/Knobster people. Just a really happy customer.

This gear is brilliant and they shipped the knobster to me in less than one week of ordering, half way round the world.

I’m sure I saw a Beech Skipper panel, now I can’t find it.

Any idea ?

Same. No direct affiliation here. I’m just a 3rd pary developer of AM instruments that I share with the community. I speak with SI folks on occasion. They’re members in the Simstrumentation Discord that skypilot linked above. They participate. But I have no affiliation. I bought my stuff, we don’t get anything from SI outside of the regular support normal users would. I’m just a happy customer as well.

Thanks Crunch,

Happy simming my friend.

Thank you for sorting my issue


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I don’t remember ever seeing that in AM. Although it wouldn’t be hard to build a panel based on generic instruments. Outside of it’s engine cluster, it’s all generic gauges and avionics. And you’d likely be able to use another plane’s instruments for the engine / fuel, etc cluster.