Air Manager CJ4 Working Title Panels

This is probably a dumb question but will this work with other planes? Say the 787 or the Aerosoft CRJ mod?

The panels are specifically programmed with MOBIFLIGHT.CJ4.XXXX events. Those won’t work with other planes. The odd button here and there is a generic SimConnect command, but the vast majority of the functionality is CJ4-specific.

If you haven’t seen, on the weekend I uploaded my other CJ4 instruments. Light, and de-icing panels, as well as fixes to Rob’s starter and autopilot panels.

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I’m hoping I’ve finally fixed my CTD issue. It won’t be as annoying to keep building panels as it is when the game crashes every 10 minutes.

Just want to say thank you! This is a great piece of work!

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Great, thanks a lot!
The WT CJ4 is in my opinion the best plane at MSFS so far.
One question, how did you get rid of the windows frame at the top of the popup windows PFD, ND and FMS?
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Oh well, I had to set transparent backround.
Here´s my current setup, including my first instrument, the Climate Control Switch.

Rob and Crunchmeister gave me great advices, now I hope that I´ll soon be able to help two of my friends with multi-monitor cockpits currently using PMDG 737 and FSLabs A320 2D panels, planning to move to MSFS.



You mean similar to this? Night Lighting starts around 6:35. All my panels have night lighting implemented. It’s more work but if you do each instrument with this intention its a bit at a time. Its second nature to me now when developing new instruments.

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Indeed. That’s exactly what I had in mind.

If you could point me to the resources I need to learn to do this effectively, I’d much appreciate it…

Do you mean to implement night lighting?

Yes. That would be very helpful.

Ah, there isn’t really anything to refer to for this. I’m the only one that is doing it dynamically like I show in the video AFAIK. There are other instruments that have 2 sets of graphics and switch between them for a day and night display but progressive dimming like I have I think is unique. A little involved if you are just starting to make instruments.

OK, So it’s just 2 sets of gaphics. I don’t think MSFS has the capability to switch dynamically. At least no way I know of. I was actually just consdering making 2 sets of graphics and having a global switch that sets a variable in some way or another so that when I hit that button, it switches to the alternate graphics for my entire panel. I know there’s a global var of some kind you can set in AM. I remember seeing a video about it some time ago, and that’s what gave me the idea. I just haven’t tried it yet.

I’ve done a little more work on lighting with MSFS and it’s a pain. I am however making progress. It seems the AM API needs a slight tweak for fs2020 event handling though to make variable lighting really play nice with the sim. I’ll put something together and contact SI about it.


Thanks for sharing are these available (panels and fmc) available in air manager or do we download them form your drive? @FLRob27

You can actually get them now from our Github.

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To all you guys using our CJ4 instruments, you’re going to be in for quite a treat in the coming weeks… We have some interesting surprises coming… Just saying…

Stay tuned for more info.

To those using my other instruments, we won’t forget you either…


I have a pretty good idea what you might be up to. And it’s going to be very nice. I’ll DM you with my guess so as to not let the secret out and spoil the surprise.

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Definitely get them from the Simstrumentation GitHub. Both mine and Rob’s Google drive repositories will be going away shortly as we get our newly updated instruments published on GitHub. They’re no longer being updated as of now. Everything there works, but it’s not the latest versions for several instruments.