Air traffic missing near airports

I’m new to MSFS and have it on Xbox s. I am having a lot of difficulty finding ANY air traffic near the airports. I have tried AI traffic and Live traffic and a number of combinations. Occasionally I see what look to be light green silhouettes moving on the map but when I click on fly there are none to be seen while I am actually flying? I found some info on other sites but there is no clear answer.

Try different airports. There are some airports where neither AI nor live traffic works, i dont know why, maybe something wrong with the scenery. For example i never see traffic in cairo and leipzig(in leipzig should be much cargo traffic at night), while there is much traffic in heatrow and frankfurt most of the time.

Thanks for the info. Do u have better luck with real-time online or AI offline?

I usually use live traffic, i recently testet the the mentioned airports with AI, thats why im sure the lack of traffic is caused by the airports at least in many places, however some parts of the world dont have live traffic coverage.

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