Air Traffic Nameplate Range Slider

Please add a slider that adjusts the nameplate range so I don’t have to see literally every person flying within 200nm of me!

It would also be beneficial to have the customization similar to fsx where you could change the color and what was displayed (distance, tail #…etc)

When traffic labels are turned on, a sub-setting should appear to customise label distance i.e. show players within 10nm. Options to toggle various values to be displayed like air speed, distance, heading etc would also be good


It should only be a matter of time until they add a feature in the UI to control at what radius other players nametags shall appear on your screen. Example; I run high graphic settings and appreciate the visual quality of my exterior view. This is great until so many very distant ( sometimes in excess of 100’s of kilometers), nametags appear as to block the scenery almost completely. Now I know you can just turn it off…but I can’t when me and a friend or two are flying together and we need to keep track of each other. The solution of course it to limit the radius of players displayed .

There should be a slider below “SHOW TRAFFIC NAMEPLATES” to allow a distance range. I really don’t care to see names of people that are hundreds of miles away from me.

Some like a starting range of 50 miles to maybe 500 miles. Or even a greater range.

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Hello Asobo,
Could you built in a slider that sets the distance other players labels can be seen ?
Sometimes now I do see a lot of them, but they seem to be so far away, one can never really see the aircraft itself.
Thanks for considering!
Bram Stikkel

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If a distance is added, please add both minimum AND maximum distance.
When in group-flights, I’m neither interested in folks flying dozens of miles away nor do I want to see all nameplates destroy the immersion while close to the planes.
Only need them to find my group when I got lost.


This brings up a huge problem in the sim, that is known to cause frame rate issues, at best, and memory leaks with corresponding CTDs at worst. BlindPotato is over an hour away from me ( if I tried to fly to him). When in reality, all I care about are individuals that are within a 10 NM radius around me. By limitting this tag range to 10 NM, a tremendous amount of overhead in the game would be removed. It would probably give us performance gains, that all of us seek so desperately. We may even be able to fly even longer between memory leak CRASHES! And to take that one step further, it would be nice to know BlindPotato’s TRAJECTORY, if he were close. I may not hit him, or I could follow him, maybe make a new friend in the game. This would be a win/win for EVERYONE, including Microsoft, by giving us a better flying experience, and lower the game overhead!

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I was just in the beta looking around finding there’s practically nobody in there :frowning: so I said lets check LAX on the west coast, I figured there would be a few almost always is … nope ONE GUY shows up.

Lets see how far away this one guy is so I slewed to his location in SANTA BARBRA 100 miles away!!!

Asobo, any way to let us set the distance at which other players Nameplates become visible?
Maybe add a slider or something for them.
As it is now, I’m seeing traffic that’s many miles away. I don’t care for that as all those Nameplates just overlap and clutter the sky. It’s hard to read any of them.

And thanks for the Namplate Toggle function. :grinning:

The Distance from My Airplane and All those in the Sky looks so close, however, they are not always that way.

I was at KSAN (San Diego, CA) today , looked around and WOW, airplanes all over the place… Wonderful… Someone to fly with.
BUT… Guess what ? They were 120 miles away at KLAX (Los Angeles) ! To me, they looked like they were 2 puffy clouds away.

We really do need a DISTANCE Slider so we can eliminate some of those tags in the sky if needed.

I hope this topic does not get “Buried” away …


I totally agree!


I have set a key bind for “Show Nametags” so I can turn those names on and off easily. I find the name tags annoying, but sometimes I want to know what flight I just saw. It’s nice to be able to quickly toggle on and then turn it right back off

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Good idea on setting a keybind. I agree that a range slider would be nice too.

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Other options would be to have the name tags get smaller or more transparent the farther away they are.

The option to turn off and on nametags with a keyboard shortcut was a nice addition.

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It shouldn’t be limited to turning off Nameplates only, but to the planes themselves. Why bother loading the data for aircraft that are 100 miles away?


It would be good to have a slider so it wouldn’t even fetch data for planes x nm away from you, but it would also be nice if there was a visual indication of how far away other planes are when they are visible.


I made a wish for something simular. This was to cycle displayed information, but I did mention a display for distance at the end of my post.

I often “Wish” for things to be changed but rarely get out of the Community General Discussion area.
I feel that this topic and some others may not get the viewing that would bring this subject up for more discussion and allow for more votes simply because of where it is placed… But, that is the way this works… I just hope more of the general population becomes aware of this voting issue. We really do need a multiplayer distance slider, for real.

I would at least like to see something indicating when another plane is within 5nm from my position.

When flying VFR, I like to be respectful of other’s flight plans and near airports, I can’t readily tell if another plane is on approach or miles and miles away.

With draw distance as it is in the MD-80 I get TCAS alerts well before I can see the plane and sometimes I don’t see the AI name until they pass. Ai planes get really odd like that I see JOBAGADONUTS2287 100nm away but AI I can actually see the plane, nothing.