AIRAC update temporarily suspended?

Was in the SU8 beta. Seen an announcement about latest airac update 2203 16MB.

No such update received (xbox).

There was an update today (PC)

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Did the airac update in the FMC’s INIT page also?

My B787 and A320 Neo FMCs show the stale Feb expiry one still.

Could be that XBOX is stuck in the SU8 Beta (despite following instructions to leave via Xbox insider after public build release on monday)

The small update was for those on public build only? So not receiving it means stuck in beta?

I was under the impression that the AIRAC cycle shown in the MCDU is a fixed value that was set when that aircraft was compiled. That it’s only updated when the aircraft itself is updated. So even if you already have an updated AIRAC and it’s working correctly, the AIRAC cycle shown on the “label” is still showing the old one.

Oh. Is there any other way to know whether the navdata is upto date?

I’m not sure when it comes to the default navdata in XBOX, I’m sorry. I’m on PC and I use Navigraph, so I just check on my Navigraph app and check the version that way.

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since the AIRAC updates are really small, they will often be installed without you noticing at all. You’ll get them automatically.

If you were in the beta branch, just leave the insider beta, and you will be on the live build.

MS Store and Xbox

  1. Open the ‘Xbox Insider Hub’ app
  2. Navigate to ‘Insider Content’ > ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator - Sim Update VIII’
  3. Select ‘Manage’
  4. Use the radio button to select ‘Unenroll (Leave this preview)’, then select ‘Done’
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Did that already and noticed no updates. I think others have the same problem and this is the reason for delays to marketplace today.

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