Airbus A310-300

Do you have some reverser functionality in your throttles? If so, turn reverser axis ON, calibrate, save, and the turn reverser axis OFF on the EFB.

On instant align, with it configured in the FMS?

Short time takes as well so long, it is showing 2 minutes in the IRS display but 1 minute takes like 20mim, instant alignment works well

Today went exactly as i’d expected. Had mixed results prior though.

Possibly partly user error though

Honeycomb Bravo, no reverse axis. I disabled that in the EFB. Same setting as before.

I would like to link this IRS issue here:

Great update, thanks very much.

It already worked great for me, now it works even better. Thrustmaster TCA quadrant can now be properly calibrated, and performance, already good in my system, is now better. I was getting about 45 fps, and now i´m v-sync limited to 60 (Ryzen 5800x3D, RTX, 3080, 64 Gb, 4K, everything ultra). I really liked the sounds, but like them more now (particularly in the cabin).

Really impressed with this aircraft, I cannot thank you enough for it. And if the product is great, Mr EllGaming has proved your support to the community is second to none.

Again, thank you. Really…

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Adjust your NEUTRAL. This is my settings for HC Bravo.

Thanks, but I don’t understand. Why should I do this? The thrust lever axis should be linear.

Which effect are you trying to achieve?

I dont know why it is like that. But this is what works :slight_smile:

Just for the A310 or any aircraft?

Its just the A310. Other planes work as expected.

Thanks. Earlier today my linear axis worked just fine. Just after this hotfix it does not work as before.

Getting landing weight in fms calculated wrong when pounds selected. Doesn’t seem to affect proper approach speed calculation just a little disturbing.
Was there before beta and still have it. kg setting works properly.

Just did that, restarting the sim in between, and am getting the same low FPS. Load time into KJFK was only 22 seconds, which sounds like it may have skipped the WASM recompile process?


I noticed the right wing has an upward curve and the left one doesn’t

…is this normal


Hmm yeah that what it sounds like, that it’s skipping the WASM recompile. I was getting around 40fps but that’s only because I was loading at KCID and it’s default scenery. The plane loaded up fast for me as well so I suspect it was skipping the WASM recompile also.

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For me, first loading with the new patch was also quick. No long load time for wasm compilation.

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Just learned from their Discord it is actually NOT supposed to take a long load time on the first run… That is a misconception.

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It literally says on the loading screen as a tip “the A310 may take a long time to load on first run… This is normal and will take less time on subsequent loads” (paraphrasing).