Airbus A310-300

Does that mean any performance issues people had were not caused by any WASM compilation problems?

Yeah it actually ended up happening last night for me on a flight in the BN Islander too so it would appear it’s actually not exclusive to the A310.


I believe things like debug or ‘expensive’ code in the more complex systems being simulated (hydraulics, electrical buses, interactions between them, etc) is what are causing most of the performance issues. With time and code optimizations, the overhead of this should reduce and we should have a better experience with the overall performance of the product.

I’m getting full ATC audio comms there with the new beta build.

I can hear my voice, plus tower voice and centre voice.

Also If I turn AI on for comms I hear their voice and ATC voice.

I also get a request to change XPD code which I do and then it responds with radar contact, all voice comms.

Make sure you have your route in World Map set, as well as in the FMC.

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Are you aware of the IRS alignment time issues implemented in the beta build?

SU 11Beta, VR only
I don’t know what ini or Asobo/MS did, but this is now butter smooth, zero stutters, what an experience! Just hand-flew a circuit at LSZH (which is a CPU killer) runway 34 and then a VFR approach back to 34. I have now superior performance than the PMDG 737!! Thank you!

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In testing last night I timed 6 minutes for full alignment from hitting Align IRS in the FMC at LEIB for normal alignment, 3 minutes for fast alignment.

I get very slightly longer at EGKK (further North) but within the 7 minutes mark.

And we tested very high North and it took around 8 minutes as expected.

Great to hear, we have improved the performance.
Cockpit textures should also be better and able to read all decals.


everything is crystal clear in the cockpit! HP G2, 3080ti, 12700

I loaded sim brief plan into world map and FMC. Comms started failing shortly after take off.

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The LVAR bindings setup Honeycomb Bravo for the A310 - I have been looking for some guidance on setting it up. Appreciate any help on this

I did several flights before patch with realistic setting, worked just fine. Right now with new version it took about 30 mins still didn’t align although status switch was showing 4 mins when I checked and it moved down to 1 after around 10-15 mins. At that point I switched it to instant and recycled IRS worked right away.

Beta on Xbox Series X … great performance!! But no ATC coms or decals on pitch trim … also experiencing the IRS alignment never actually aligning on realistic.

Also thank you for bringing us the A310!! Despite the minor teething issues I’m having a blast. Sincerely … Thank You!

I wanted to bring up a few items that seem incorrect on the release build and see if it’s me or possibly a bug.

  • Pressurization differential above max allowed - on a flight at FL380 it went into the red range at 11.2

  • The 15 degree bank limiter doesn’t work. Tested this above FL280-FL380. Aircraft banks at 30 degrees.

  • Landing weight in the FMS CDU is very high once fuel and ZFW are entered, over 500,000 lbs.

  • Comm 1 and Comm 2 - pressing on the buttons to listen to the corresponding frequency on that unit doesn’t work for me. For example. If I input ATIS on comm 2 and select on comm 1 to listen in on VHF 2 it does not work. This might be user error on my part but I thought I’d bring it up.

  • Performance data for landing is missing in the EFB :sweat_smile:

Really enjoying the A310 and I appreciate the continued effort in making it better.


Tested the beta with the a310. Fps is still on the low end here compared to fenix and pmdg. Though stuttering associated with camera panning are mostly gone now.

Still waiting for the day i could do an approach at a big dense airport with at least consistent 30fps instead of low end 18fps. KSFO on approach i get 38-40fps on the fenix and 48-52fps on the pmdg the a310 seems to be 18lowest and 24 highest. Cruise level with clear weather it never goes above 38fps while the fenix and pmdg is lock at 60fps.

Package folder still empty with only work folder present.

I went back to release version … so far pressurization is holding normal at 8 on a flight from KSFO to KSEA at FL380 about an hour in. I did not change the rate limit … just left it in normal if that matters. I can confirm the bank angle limiter not working when set to 15 but I am also not as familiar with the A310 as other airliners. Not sure if it’s not working because it’s a bug or not working because it’s causing a conflict with profile flight … or it only works in heading mode … I’m sure an expert has an answer to that one. Landing weight is crazy for sure. Can’t confirm coms at the moment … wierd things are happening on a series X with that front.

Ells, thanks for being such an active participant in this thread. Thanks on behalf of everybody for your engagement and enthusiasm - it’s a great plane.

Question - can you speak to the lack of third party hardware support for in-sim button mappings for this aircraft? I’m running Honeycomb’s Alpha and Bravo, as well as an Axair MIAP button box (autopilot functions, nav and com radios) - the A310 does not react to my button mappings in a way that’s similar to any other aircraft. Hardware switches on the Bravo for batteries and lights do not work. Adjusting autopilot headings, altitude, IAS and VS do not work via the Bravo dials, or via the dials on my button box. The only custom mapping that seems to be respected is my Bravo switch that I’ve set to toggle External Power.

Any information on the process by which these functions are set on the A310, and why that might be different than any other aircraft in my hangar? Is this WASM related? Was some code sorcery necessary to bring this high-fidelity aircraft to all platforms?

Using Xbox Series X for full transparency, but in reading comments from others, it appears that this broken (?) functionality isn’t limited to Xbox flyers.

Thank you!

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Made a Test in both Xbox‘s (Series-S and Series-X)

Original Version on both:
IRS Alignment takes 5-7 min (realistic Setting)
Trim Wheel scale present

Beta Release on both:
IRS Alignment takes up to 30min ( just loaded short flight LOWW to LOWS)
Trim Wheel scale not visible

Any advice please?
Thanks :pray: a lot