Airbus A310-300

Ive set custom views using ctrl+alt 0-9. No issues to do so.

I have set ten custom views for ALT 1 through 0 by using Ctrl + Alt + Number to set the views.

I was pretty critical of the default Ctrl 1 through 0 settings, so I spent time getting them set up to help me through a cold and dark setup.

The named views in the cockpit camera settings are very comprehensive, but I don’t want that open every time I change a camera view. I did use some of them as a basis for my custom views, however.

OK thanks for the quick replies. I’m on Xbox, and in beta testing since July… every time there is a sim update (or even a beta update within the testing), settings like this get messed up, and I have to completely wipe the Xbox and do a full install just to get basic things like this working again. Ugh. Doing a full install now, hoping the functionality will work again.

What CPU do you have ?

It would be great if Asobo could at least put in a line to detect AVX support and put up a message thought I realise given these CPU’s aren’t officially supported they’re under no obligation.

They must be doing something today with the A310 as I’ve flying it (trying to) this week but tonight I’ve had three CTDs in a row and never even got up.

Apparently the change log for the latest update will not be released until it goes live on Steam and Xbox later this week. So it’s a bit weird having an update without knowing what has been updated. I did notice however altitude callouts starting from 1000’ - which I think is a new feature. And performance is definitely not worse than .15 - not sure if it’s better yet as I haven’t done any fps comparisons.

Hang on - looks like the release notes are available: Beta Update Release Notes (Nov. 22, 2022) - Sim Update 11 Beta / Beta News and Updates - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

The new beta patch ( is available for all platforms now. The release notes are here:


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It has been released: Beta Update Release Notes (Nov. 22, 2022)

Thanks! I just discovered this as you posted :slight_smile: Wow, lots of changes here!

Continuing the discussion from Beta Update Release Notes (Nov. 22, 2022):

For me not fixed. Doesn’t now get stuck on ‘Pending’ but flashes pending and then back to SIMBRIEF but without importing a plan. The inibuild export tool works ok with my simbrief id, as does simbrief file downloader, so lots of workarounds but curious to see if it’s fixed for others now.

EDIT: Placed in the beta feedback here - A310 Simbrief MCU Import Not Fixed

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Hello @notsofearless,

Please post any feedback about the beta build to the beta forums so we can properly track and log issues.


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My bad, please move it.

You would have to create a new topic here: #sim-update-11-beta:general-discussion-su10.

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Do you have a long or weird simbrief user name? Have you tried the simbrief.ini way of setting up your username in the A310? If not, give it a try. My ID is way longer than it needs to be (17 chars! - :scream: What was I thinking?) so I have to use the ‘.ini’ file method to use it, which works.

maybe it was already asked…when will normal users (so not beta users) get the updated A310-300 in game? as its also not possible to update via inibuilds directly (i guess)

I’m guessing when they get on top of majority of the minor bugs. It makes no sense having multiple sim updates. I guess there is perhaps a stake in the ground moment (hopefully soon) when it gets released. I’m not on the beta, but have improved performance just by tweaking graphics settings in SU11 alone. You won’t be getting the A310 anywhere other than from in game updates, in reality via sim updates (as that is where all in game default aircraft updates come from). Every FS user will need to get the sim update even if not using the A310, so best to get it right before having to do multiple SU patches/hotfixes. Just IMO.

Good morning All,

Glad to see the issues you’ve been having with landings are getting better.
The thing to remember is that she’s not quite as automated as the later Airbus fleet but once you have it nailed down, you’ll be smooth sailing - flying - from here on in.

The latest version 1.1.6 base version has many updates and has just been released on the Beta program:

Airbus A310-300


  • Fixed flight deck cockpit sticker not moving with door
  • Fixed TRIM wheel & yoke textures
  • RAT is now animated (in cockpit only)


  • Fixed OAT to return value not representation with live weather
  • Fixed wind direction being filled with VRB which is not processable


  • Improvements on sound bus routing to allow for more volume control in settings
  • GPWS on the inside are now always sounding
  • Improvements on AI sound
  • Improvements on interior engine audio
  • Improvements on switch volume levels


  • Fixed SimBrief import
  • Fixed numerous FMS crashes
  • Fixed TOD triggering too early, linked to approach phase starting too early, and SPD lim too early
  • Fixed pressure system issue
  • AP staying connected even when less than VLS -10 (Option in EFB now, if set to ON then AP disconnects at VLS - 10) “In a flight AP stays on even when getting bellow 100KTS; After take-off AP cannot be switched on bellow 100KTS”
  • Fixed LW issue for imperial
  • Magnetic variation added to RMI
  • Enable SET AUTOBRAKE commands from MSFS settings for TCA Airbus quad
  • Fixed VOR frequency in ILS box
  • RSK a waypoint to VERT REV brings up VERT REV for the destination airport
  • INIT B is now saying ZFWCG instead of CG
  • Fixed pitot heat
  • Fixed an issue with right wheel brake on some hardware

Please keep the issue reports coming in, we are listening!!


But is there any prediction regarding the public release date?

I can’t comment on that, that’s not in our hands at iniBuilds.

The usual process is that once all testing and issues in the Beta are done it gets pushed out cross-platform.

Just think when it does come out, you’ll have all these new goodies and fixes to play with :slight_smile:


I’m not the most “up with the play” nor am I tecno minded… certainly not the doof doof kind either…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

But how do I access this ‘beta’ A310???