Airbus A310-300

Yes, it’s possible. On EFIS panel switch to plan mode then on the CDU step through (using the up arrow key) each waypoint and it will scroll through each waypoint on the ND as well. press the CSTR button on the EFIS panel to show the altitude and speed constraints on the ND.

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Thanks I’ll need to go looking. I had an interesting star this morning. The A310 doesn’t do looping hold type maneuvers too well, so you get some interesting truncated corners on approaches that need extra scrutiny.
Also the path displayed is all white including I think the go aound path which makes it all the harder to do a visual assessment of the flightpath of some stars on the screen. So method of stepping is god. Happy to see it is there.

I just want to take the opportunity to state what a wonderful model the A310 is on Xbox now that I’ve learned to use it as it was intended. Yes, we have these bugs to get sorted out, but we all know the project is a work in progress.

Good job IniBuilds!


We’ve done quite a lot of testing at holds, which one particular are you referring to?
Flight plan and hold point please

Are you on the latest Beta build released today?
You will see quite a performance boost.

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I’ve got a question regarding the Throttle Calibration.

I’m able to calibrate my throttles for full 0-100% motion for forward thrust.

However, when I engage reverse thrust, the throttles do not respond until they reach their 50% travel point and then they move until 100%.

In short:
• Forward thrust is using 0-100% throttle travel
• Reverse thrust is using 50-100% throttle travel

Is there a way to calibrate for reverse thrust to use the full 0-100% travel?

For the record, I’m using Thrustmaster Boeing TCA throttle quadrants and have the reverse levers (which are toggle switches) set to Toggle Reverse Thrust.

Simbrief import in the FMS still is not working for me. Only difference now is that it no longer infintely displays “pending”, but the ACARs page briefly flashes and the same “Request simfbrief” message remains.

Is the Weather Radar Selector Knob supposed to have 5 positions?

It is labeled for four — Test, WX, Turb, Map

However, it can be turned one position to the left of Test.

This has been throwing me off for awhile now, and I only now just discovered why — I’ve been mistaking this 5th position for Test, which it isn’t.

Xbox Series X.

The first position is “Off”.

Is your simbrief user name short or long and does it have any special characters in it?
Please try with Ells228 - my one and see if it works.


It’s more the fact that it cuts corners or swings wide on turns. I can’t really comment on holds as I haven’t done one yet, just looped descents. Corners are often cut or wide swings. I know it’s probably the size and weight etc Just in comparison to the 737 which religiously follows most looped descent approaches etc. I’ll need to take a note of exact approach when I see this again. Some softish wide turns onto final into LSZH R34 this morning for example, but I can’t remember the star.

How is the latest build accessed?

Okay, if you can get the route we can check it out and see if it’s normal, thanks.

If on Steam, go to properties of MSFS, Betas and select the option below.

If on OneStore version you need to download the Xbox Insider App and opt into the MSFS Beta Program.

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I did a flight and had GPWS callouts, and then I did another and had none. I messed with some knob which I believe was to the left of the yoke. Either way, the knob I believe said GPWS or something. Anyone knows if this is a bug or I did something to turn off GPWS? Sorry for the silly question

I’m on the beta (so sim v1.29.30.0 and A310-300 v1.6.0) and just tried it with no luck unfortunately. It flashes ‘pending’ very briefly and returns to say ‘SIMBRIEF’ without loading a plan. My id is ‘fearlessfrog’ and worked ok in the iniconfig tool (before the patch, with the old directory flight plan). Is there any other info I can supply to help?

PS Thanks for being so responsive on the forums, appreciated. In Discourse forums (that here uses). you can let people know of your replies by putting an ‘@’ sign before their username, e.g. @EllsGaming

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Horrible on Xbox x…can’t even control the throttle

I just spent seeveral hours on various planes on my XBOX X… and every one of them has no controlled VS and several of the instruments are not functioning at all.

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Ah cool, didn’t know the @ thing, thanks.

I’ll try with your username and see what I get. Just out at the moment, back in 90 minutes or so and you’re welcome.

@STLOUGHOST My kids fly the A310 on their Xbox X and S respectively without issues. What specifically is the issue you are having?


keep going all its stunning



Hi Ells,

I found a possible bug in the latest beta. In the FMC when on F-PLN page and viewing a waypoint restriction via right keys, the Return function does not work for me anymore. It just stays there and does not return to F-PLN page. Thanks a lot for your help.

Screenshot 2022-11-23 210459