Airbus A310-300

So the key is to engage AP with a mouse, thank god I just ordered a wireless mouse because I’m sick of this plane not following the route.

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When I disconnect the autopilot pressing Y, the auto throttle still on. Is there a way to disconnect the autopilot and the autothrottle ?

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You could bind the same key to both autopilot off and auto throttle off I suppose.

You can bind some key to „disconnect auto throttle” in settings

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Are there any notes for 1.1.7?

The enhanced 1.1.7 is mostly textures. It was behind the standard version in terms being pushed to the marketplace in the beta updates (if you’re opted in beta), but now they’re in parallel.

Just starting to watch this tutorial and i find it very good and informative. I hope more tutorial videos will be released for other planes in the future.

Keep up the good work!

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Same problem here even when MSFS is installed on C:. Please let me/us know if you got a solution.

With the latest releases problem seems to be solved since yesterday for me. Simbrief plans are now available from FMC.

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Hmmm… good for you but with my inimanager v2.0 i still can not import the flight plan in the …/work/flightplans folder when open it the 2. time

You are right, IniManager loading Simbrief is still not working.
I did not re-test IniManager since I’m now able to load Simbrief plans in FMC directly.

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Finally!! Yesterday it was confirmed to me by a Inibuilds Moderator that the A310 needs AVX Support. So for all that get CTD´s while loading the Aircraft, that should be the Answer. Same with the Velocopter. What a shame that Inibuilds did not find a solution in programming like the High End Developers of PMDG and Fenix did. I deleted that Bird.

What is an appropriate vertical speed for both climb and descent for an airplane like this? both in the simulator and in real life.
Thank you!

Yes, no real fps problems here either after the update. Getting around mid thirties to mid forties.

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I’m using the default controls on Xbox Series X. I did install a “mandatory update” last night hoping it would fix the A310 on my end, eh. No luck.

I DID have some control for a time, but eventually all controls just stop working no matter what (unable to throttle down, can’t turn. Toggling auto pilot won’t work…but it gives a non stop “AP alarm”) no idea.

ALSO, my interior views of the A310 have been glitchy since day one.
Video from last night -

Microsoft Flight Simulator - A310 Interior Views (Glitchy) Ongoing Bug - Dec. 2 - YouTube

Would love to uninstall this plane only…try to reinstall, but I don’t see that option? Unless I am missing something??

Hi all! I see the two main issues people are suffering from here are ATC voices, and Simbrief.

  • ATC voices: Seems quite sporadic, making it a bit harder to track down, but we’re looking into it.

  • Simbrief:

    • Loading it through the FMC; another slippy one but again, we’re looking into it. If your ONLINE SERVICES are set to ON and your AIRAC in sim matches the one from Simbrief. Emphasis on should.
    • If you’re using the Simbrief Downloader or the iniManager, verify the .fpl file is placed into C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\packages\microsoft-aircraft-a310-300\work\flightplans (MS Store) or C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\microsoft-aircraft-a310-300\work\flightplans (Steam). Make sure you’re entering the correct city pair in FROM/TO; and lastly verify that your Simbrief AIRAC matches your cycle in the sim.

About 2000 to 2700 feet per minute for initial descent. In climb, it should just blow away in climb mode, feeding excess engine power into the vertical profile once the target speed is acquired. Hence, it depends more on weight.

This is certainly the first instance I’ve seen of these camera glitches; do you have any hardware or buttons on your gamepad that could be affecting it?


I still struggle to get the automatic simbrief import via MCDU working… nothing happens when I click on request simbrief

Am I the only one who doesn’t have pilot body on external texture?

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