Airbus A310-300

Ask for a refund … Oh you can’t, it was free.


I’ve been having trouble with GS capture being unreliable. I’ve recently noticed that on an ILS approach when going from GS (blue) to GS* the A/T Airspeed window switches from ——— to a value. I would’ve expected this to be VAPP but instead it is a higher value which I believe is either the current speed or the current targeted speed based on current flap/slat configuration. If I “immediately” adjust the target speed to VAPP GS capture is more reliable. What does the 310 IRL do? Current config speed or VAPP?

Other than this I find the 310 to be extremely satisfying to fly once you take the time to learn it. Hence “study level”!

I think getting it down to vApp before glide slope capture is more appropriate for the A310. I’ve seen some tutorial videos that recommend this as the glide slope capture and deceleration is a lot more sluggish than the later Airbus models.

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I’d had good GS captures getting the gear down and flaps 20/20 first but this makes for a long slow approach.

I’ve been trying to find a way to follow the recommended procedure and been successful for the last couple of flights by dialling the speed down to VAPP as soon as it appears in the window at GS*. Today’s flight was the smoothest GS capture I’ve had in about 50 flights in the A310 so I’ll stick with it for now. Very satisfying when it goes right.

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Does anyone else had a problem with a trim. On two occasions when I pressed trim A310 just instantly pitched around 80 degrees up following by a" crash due to overstress". And every time I try to recreate this bug it’s working fine so it’s difficult to know how it is triggered.

I’d point the finger to user error in your case.


The incredible work inibuilds did with the A310 is widely recognised here, I believe. Now there will always be people who, because of ignorance, or lack of patience, or willingness to learn, will throw it in the garbage bin. No issues, we can move on :wink:


I am on Xbox too and I do see time loss in for example the stock (Asobo) A320Neo. The clock is loosing around 8 minutes compared to a real clock within one hour.

Clock thing isn’t a bug. Every time I see this, it’s been in high-FPS scenarios. Framerate lag is the sole reason everyone’s posting about cockpit clock running slow in the A310.

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Where can I see the recommended procedure you’re referring to? Are you referring to the official documentation?

Yes. In particular L/G down and flaps 20/20, 30/40 occur “after” GS capture/track.


Please all take a look again if you have the Simbrief issue, we’ve had reports it’s been fixed with SU12 and V 1.1.9 of the A310 :pray:

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So Ive been loving the 310, but this SU12 somehow muted my sounds on the plane? I still hear it but its very low and not as robust as it was yesterday. All of my other planes sound fine though after the update. Anyone else have this issue now?


I am having the same problems too. I recall before SU12 it was too loud LOL and now it is super quite. I even deleted the file and reinstalled with the same results only.

Is there an audio slider that I may of missed? Now, I need to up the volume just to get it as loud as all the other aircraft default audio settings.



Just curious, is the Terrain Radar implemented or is it just me that cannot make it work? :slight_smile:


I tried finding one as I know the FBW A320 has an internal audio slider in the EFB but I dont see one here.

Im glad Im not the only one to have this issue.

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i am on xbox and while the outside view engine sound is really low in the cockpit all i can hear is a humming refrigerator like sound which after climbing above 20.000ft slowly fades away leaving only the sound of air hitting the windshields. basically in cockpit view there is no engine sound which is funny considering before this was the most deafening aircraft in the game blowing out your eardrums due to the bad mixing😄

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The sounds were changed intentionally as per the release notes. At first on beta it was a bit surprising to me but I soon figured this is more realistic. Pilots are wearing noise cancelling headsets and so voice should be nice and clear but the external sounds should be muted.

My end conclusion is that it’s the other planes which have got this wrong, and more of them need to be updated for authentic headset sounds. The Mini-500 heli has a switch in the cockpit to let you have headset on or off, which gives you the choice of realistic or game sounds.


The A310 is completely unstable on Xbox since SU12, I left flying a 3:30hr flight. Everything fine until I came back to check the flight it was in the home screen, really annoying what’s happening since it was the only aircraft that I fly in my Xbox because of the complexity of it but since SU12 all the time is a secured CTD. Before SU12 never suffered a CTD while mid air or even at 3rd party airports.
Please fix it ASAP, it’s the only good aircraft available for xbox.

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Sadly this is the case on xbox. Many of us reported this during the beta, the early builds were ok but the latter ones noticeably deteriorated. Sadly there was no improvement and although the A310 still works sometimes, it is much more likely to CTD and/or black screens than it was before SU12.

I’m not even sure it’s A310 specific, had crashes in other planes too, but it’s very noticeable on the A310.

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