Airbus A310-300

Seems like a great plane, unfortunately the poor performance makes it pretty much impossible to use In VR.

In locations where the Fenix gives me 50fps, the A310 has 25-30.
(5800X3D / 4090)


I’m trying to understand what you said. I think you are saying that the xbox can’t handle the enhanced add-on, so it would result in a lesser experience?

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I can’t get the nosewheel steering to work with my joystick twisting axis, it shows in the controls options that it’s assigned to nosewheel steering, and its active when I twist the handle on the axis indicator, but it only marginally moves the nose wheel when trying to steer. If I use my pedals, which are assigned to the ruddar axis, they turn the plane fine.
This is with Nose steering enabled in the EFB, with Nose Steering turned off, the pedals won’t turn the plane more than a few degrees, but the joystick I have set to my Tiller still also doesn’t work.

I cloned my joystick tiller profile from my 737, which works fine still. I can steer with my joystick full tiller range and pedals only give 6 degrees of steering as usual in the 737. So it looks like an issue with the A310 and some conflict where it doesn’t recognize the nosewheel steering axis assigned to the joystick in control options.

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Hey Inibuilds Great Job so far a bit of optimization is needed i have taken a little flight in VR so far so good the only thing are Heavy FPS Stutters at the Runway During Takeoff and bit after Takeoff and after Landing. Look at you Tube the Channel Mörderkaninchen he has the Same Problem. But i must say its the first flight on SU11 with A310 so not sure that the stutters are a A310 Problem.

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It’s not the gpu that’s killing FPS, its the main thread and the manipulators are high but this could be another issue. I know EGLL is problematic but the A310 adds a significant load on top. I am not happy with Fenix but I am getting much more with fenix.

Is the total execution time as expected below for a wasm module? Or does it look too high?

P.S. BTW when the on-line services are off, trees cover EGLL from INIBUILDS. )


How do I calibrate the TCA Sidestick in the A310 EFB?

They shelved it again? When did this happen? When is it slated to come now?

Did a flight on PC in VR and it was just GREAT! Top notch visuals, immersive sounds, precise autopilot, accurate system depth incl. FMS, user-friendly EFB.

FPS are great, no issues on the ground so far.

Very high quality for an initial release on a new platform.

And some very helpful tutorial flights on YT.

VERY very well done, many thanks!


Flew it just then and was completely fine.

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The announced some weeks ago this was going to be in SU12 maybe Feb time. It’s working but they aren’t happy with user experience yet.

With all due respect you keep copying and pasting this message but it just doesn’t tell us anything.

Was this a requirement from Microsoft to keep the versions between the two consoles exactly the same?

How does the removal of the enhanced pack from the Xbox marketplace offer a seamless expirence when we already have optional marketplace enhancements for the sim such as world updates?

It’s not that most are asking for 4k textures just because PC has it, the current implementation is so poor that you can’t read overhead panel text on a study level aircraft.

As someone who was also waiting months for this aircraft the fact that Xbox Series X users can’t even get readable cockpit textures is incredibly disheartening.

Is this something that will at least be looked at or addressed by the team? Or is the current cockpit on Xbox what Series X owners will be using for foreseeable future?

I get the corporate speak of providing both users with a seamless expirence etc etc, but please, can you elaborate or give the Xbox side of the community some hope regarding this issue?


Thank you, this perfectly answers my question.

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This is happening to me too! First crash was after entering my simbrief profile name. then afterwards, when entering flight plan manually, I set egcc/eham and then CTD.

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Now I understand why the A320 at launch day had created controversy for Fly by Wire, it’s totally different to fly this A310 and the A320.
It is really you who is in control of the aircraft, not a computer. :thinking:

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What solved my issue
Was making sure to use navigraph and have it updated

Me too! I love it!

There is a caveat to this. According to inibuilds faq, for simbrief, if your username has any special character which is not available in mcdu keypad, then you may have to manually edit a file. Thats possible in pc, in xbox, not so much. May be creating a new navigraph account without any special character in username is an option.

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Yes, I can see that being a problem for some folks!

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It just showed up for me know, don’t know what happened, but I restated my sim multiple times and chose the offline and then online option multiple times until it finally showed up.


Yes. Very different from the “managed” mode of the A320.