Airbus A310-300

Out of interest, have you ever installed liveries for it from the Inibuilds installer? That seemed to be when it went ‘Pete Tong’ for me.

Recently I was having CTD every time when the 310 was loading, I uninstalled.both the normal version and enhanced graphics version and then installed them back, the CTDs were gone.
This was the first time I ever had to do such a thing.


No, I have not. CTDs started after I unistalled the A310 and then reinstalled it, which doesn’t make any sense. I only installed the inimanager a couple of weeks ago to get me the KJFK airport.


does anybody know, when an update is going to be released? My A310 is not loading properly after the last Sim update, the Cockpit and all dospalys remain off, no switch is working.

In another forum. people said, its a bug, caused by last SU.

That happened to me around Christmas then randomly, it fixed itself. Now I just have a CTD whenever I try to load it. I didn’t see or hear anything mentioned in the last dev stream, hopefully something is scheduled for the next SU in March.

Some workarounds that may work:

  1. Load another aircraft first, then back to menu and select A310

  2. Some have reported changing system time to December 2023 or even November, a bit extreme for me.

I’ve tried both but neither are fully successful. You might have better luck.

No shaking/rough sound effect on landing when I touch the runway. It feels like I’m landing with a light fluffy feather! I don’t remember when it was released… :disappointed_relieved:

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Anyone experience where by once the plane is stalling and the plane automatically set to full throttle, it will be stuck for good no matter even though you recovered from it ?

When the aircraft stalls it goes to the Alphafloor condition and the procedure for recovery must be followed. The A310 simulates this situation very well


yes but even after it recover from the stall, the throttle will be stuck at 100% even if I try to pull it back manually it will still remain at 100%.

Also is there a way to adjust the passenger and cargo load via the “ipad” thing. I adjusted the cargo and passenger sider but it doesn’t reflect correctly.

Also to add on, is kind of annoying as well during landing as it will auto trigger forcing me to go around.

Fortunately or unfortunately this plane is not for beginners. Sorry for my frankness, try to educate yourself more on easy aircraft like the A320 for example. Search for Pilot Training Manuals, aircraft manuals, watch streams, videos from more experienced pilots. As an airline pilot in real life, having thousands of hours of flight time flying large aircraft, I had and still have some difficulties with this aircraft. It really is challenging, don’t give up! I have some videos on my YouTube channel captain737rg welcome to my Twitch channel captain737rg. Good luck, best wishes and happy and safe flights.


this plane is not working. CTD all the time

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When it does this, I think you need to press the autothrust button on the FCU to cancel it.

When A.Floor triggers, the AP commands TOGA, Thrust Lock and pitch up. After you recover aircraft from stall, you have to turn off and back on auto thrust to dissable T.Lock

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I think Ini will never release freighter version of 310 in order not to make a negative impact on their payware a300 product. So is there any mod available or in progress at the time being?

First of all, the A310 is payware, the difference is only that it is paid by MS/Asobo and not us consumers. It should therefore not be compared to other actual freeware developments.

Secondly, I believe the reason we are not getting an A310 cargo version has as much to do with the contract iniBuilds have with MS/Asobo as anything else.
What exactly that contract entails we obviously do not know, but it would not surprise me that any further development of the A310 and its versions would require the approval of both parties.

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For me the A310-300 is unflyable in VR when the 320Neo is buttery smooth. The 310 is VERY laggy. Pico 4 tethered. 4070 Super. i914900KF.

Edit: Might be related to a heavy scenery addon. Investigating.

Hello thanks

I find the A310 is super laggy on Xbox series X if you have any kind of addon scenery. Trying to load in with multiplayer turned on will always result in a CTD for me before even getting to the ready to fly screen. It’s a great aircraft to fly but it is really badly optimised

Yes something’s happened on Xbox. It used to be a reliable plane. I can’t get it to load and when I do it’s super choppy. No issue with Inidbuilds a320 v2, PMDG 737 (I’m in the beta)

I’ve had problems with it since sim update 13 dropped back in September. Was fine before then

Also currently in the beta with the Neo v2 working really well but A300 and A310 not so much