Airbus A310-300

For those who are not aware the update beta effects GPWS altitude callout and MDA minimums. Alll of these are currently not audible for me during approach. Another note there is marginal fps improvement by about 5fps with about 27fps at dense airport compared to 22fps previously. Swap to Pmdg at the same airport and i am getting 40fps. Cruise frame rates was observed to be much better previously it would not go above 38fps for me now highest on record was 46fps.

Believe another one or two rounds of optimization and this plane would be an absolute delight.


Hi, I use the A310 on Xbox. I noticed that the gps routes are built with straight lines and often if, for example, the landing involves a drop turn, being here in a straight line, the waypoints overlap and the plane does not follow the procedure correctly. Furthermore, on some airports the LOC is captured but the aircraft does not align perfectly with the runway but remains out of the way. I hope to get an answer. Thank you

Sim Rate is working for me, I just use the keyboard controls defined in the control options menu.

2x is always stable for me, 4x only when not in turbulence.

My throttle issue disappeared on todays flight, so no further troubleshooting required.

I have done a few flights, here are my issues with the current beta release on PC:

  • IRS align time when not set instant
  • Altitude callouts on landing are gone, this has worked on release version
  • EFB METAR import works fine, but temperature below 0 deg Celcius are not imported correctly. M1 imported, EFB wants -1. This needs a string conversion on METAR import.
  • FMC fuel calculation seems off on long haul flights. Currently doing a 8hr flight and FMC is showing FOB at destination +10 tonnes of what is expected from the SimBrief calculation, even having all reserves, alternate and extra fuel in mind.

Positive notes:

  • performance has MUCH improved, great. Now 35 FPS on complex custom airports with much AI traffic, before about 20 FPS
  • new EFB features are welcome

@EllsGaming: thanks a lot for your kind support here


Regarding fuel. Did you put in the same CI, ZFW, block fuel and wind at cruise as calculated by SimBrief. Just to double check and exclude any user error.

Yes, everything correct. I used CI 80 which results in M0.80.
I will watch EFOB in FMC and will check actual FOB again on arrival. Maybe the calculation is correct and the SimBrief profile is not very precise.

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I hear you. Plus wind speeds and their effects could differ btw what Simbrief pulls from the Metar/Tafs and what MSFS models.

Did I overlook something:

Route EDDB-KBOS, alternate KJFK
8:20h air time
17.4 tons payload, fuel filled up to MTOW - which is a generous 2h extra fuel

After this long flight, no matter what the external conditions are, there cannot be 25 tons of fuel left, which is nearly half of the tank capacity. It calculates 04:20h of extra time, I added only 02:00h + alternate.

Any user error on my end?

I currently use CI40 as default. CI80 is not equivalent to mach .80. Mach speeds can be set in the performance data of the FMS.

The default simbrief seems to be off in multiple segments. Pax/bagage weight for instance aren’t correct. I haven’t recalculated a correct one but will share once I do.

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Yes and CI80 seems quite high for such an „old“ airplane (invest pretty much written off) and relatively „old“ inefficient engines. I might be wrong though.

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CI gets lower, the more expensive the kerosin is.
It has a lot to do with the fuel price.

here some background info

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Thats interesting, I did a flight from LPPR to EGPF last night and did the old tried and true “alt + R” and nothing happned, I just assumed it was a airbus thing along with the A330, A32nx (without having to do that config) and the fenix (thats now limited to 2x) as it worked when I took the 737 out.
I’ll try again this avo and see if its working :grin:

These details should be mentioned in the beta discussion thread so they’re not missed.

I’m not in on the beta, but this is very detailed information that cannot be overlooked by the developers. Make sure this gets copied to the beta feedback thread…there should be one.

Which simbrief profile do you use?
The official from inibuilds is spot on


It’s perfect! I ran into a problem the first time I used it since the plan is in metric and I had the EFB set up for imperial. I couldn’t figure out why the numbers weren’t adding up!

I can also confirm the atc bugs. Atc talking over me immediately etc.

No gpws call out.

The weirdest bug which I haven’t seen mentioned yet was when landing at Zurich from Venice. Perfect flight the whole way, auto throttle engaged and vapp set at 140, I pull throttles back to idle right before touch down, engage reversers but I noticed no green REV indication, N1 gauges were all frozen, analogue speed gauge frozen, but the aircraft was slowing down during roll out.

External view showed the aircraft in the expected state, reversers out, spoilers deployed. Everything reacting. Inside the cockpit, gauges frozen.

Just putting out there Incase anyone else notices this.

Still an amazing plane!!!

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Having a bit of difficulty with the engine start. I manage to get them started, but I use a slightly different process.

I first selected starter A, and the engine began to spool up. Once the engine reached 24-25 % or whatever and I introduced fuel, nothing would happen. I think I’m following the process perfectly.

I tried several times with no luck getting the engine to “catch”. The final time, which was successful, before I introduced fuel, I turned the switch back to “crank”, introduced fuel, and then immediately switched over to starter A…the engine lit up!

What am I doing wrong? I use this process all the time now, and from my perspective it works, so no worries. I would like to know what gives, though.

Yes. For me it’s due to traffic. Do you have Little Nav Map installed? I guess I’m assuming you’re on PC… Watch the map over time.

With live traffic on, no third party traffic AI apps rubbing, at a major airport, KORD in my case, all of the gates slowly fill up and my FPS tanks below 20.

Just a quick one: Does the Simbrief import via the FMC now works as expected ?