Airbus A320 V/S Descent


Most times on descent, the airbus A320 V/S is anywhere between 5,000-6,000 on managed speed and altitude. It seems to fix itself if you use the selected speed. Does anyone else have this issue??

OS Version 10.0.22000.3038 (xb_flt_211202-1140) / Shell Version: 2111.0.2112.2003

I’m having all sort of issues on the a320, greatly magnified when in managed

crazy vs descend (though at least is the only thing really managebale when in selcted mode), lack of climb power (nose pitching up and down in managed), total absence of constraints or totally messed up, ap banking left or right when engaged

I’m trying to make it worth but right now it’s more of a pain than a joy to flight that plane


What is your airspeed set at?
The faster your airspeed, the faster the descent rate in managed mode, as it will use the descent rate to manage the speed.

320kn. So I would have to change to selected on descent?

I would. I’ve noticed the default A320 has quite a high lateral speed set when descending.
Keep at your normal cruising speed in Mach until about 28000, then drop to about 290 kts indicated.
That should make a difference.

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