Airbus A320 won't climb above 20,000 feet

Who else having trouble with climbing in Microsoft flight simulator by time I get a course it will be time to de sent I’m on Xbox series s

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No problems here. What a/c are you flying, to what FL and where from and too? What’s the rate of climb you’re using?

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I’m on Series X and don’t have problems. Could it be you’re flying a lower powered Prop in bad weather, or trying to gain altitude quickly from areas of high elevation?

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Thanks :+1: I just asking because Airbus A320 stop going up ai 20.000 and went a use vs my airplane wavering

The A320 will go well beyond 20,000. Where did you depart from?

What airspeed are you achieving?

Kinda sounds like not enough airspeed to generate the lift necessary to climb anymore. Too aggressive AoA?

The A320 Neo has some issues climbing at FL250 and above. I’ve had ‘roller coaster’ climbing behaviour during a climb at this level, and it also has issues climbing beyond FL350. Both bugs in FS2020 I think.
If you are referring to ATC guiding you up to a higher FL then 1min later guiding you back down again then that is common for me in short flights. It probably is more reflective of FS2020 than real life, but who knows.
They also occasionally guide you to a higher altitude closer to approach, sometime you have to ignore these as they pertain to weird constraints for waypoints that don’t seem accurate to me. I mean you can’t descend from 7000ft 10 miles out, so best not to climb there when asked.

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They may also direct you to a greater altitude as you approach; however, you may have to disregard them since they relate to strange limitations for waypoints that don’t appear to be correct to me. Because you can’t descend from 7000 feet ten miles away, it’s advisable not to ascend there if you’re asked.

Just to confirm…are you with autopilot engaged? Is your altitute managed? Try to “pull” the altitude button and select what you want…and be sure your throttle is in CL position

This makes me want to test this out. It’s been ages since I used it and I had no problems climbing, that I’m aware of. Has this become a recent problem? I haven’t heard of such a thing.

It’s been fairly consistent with me on Autopilot/Auto throttle when going through climbs. The roller coaster thing kicks in about FL200-FL250. The Aircraft climbs 300ft, drops 50ft, climbs another 300ft then cycles again until at that flight level. The higher elevations nearly all require moving throttle beyond CLB to get there and I often need to switch to manual to get there…


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I’ve just done some looking around about the real life A320 and it looks that it’s maximum certified ceiling height is about FL390, cruising should be at FL300. Max speed is 890kmh, optimal cruising at 830kmh Looks like Asobo really should apply a generous altitude patch. To even have trouble maintaining FL200-290 is ridiculous and would logically imply absolutely horrendous environmental conditions.

I thought FL400 was optimistic for A320. It doesn’t seem to stop FS2020 ATC from demanding you to get there on longer flights!

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Looks like it’s really only the A380 and 787 Dreamliner who have the highest ceilings of FL430. As for ATC…“Please expedite your climb FL370”…“You are 300 feet above your assigned altitude, decend FL370”. Yeah I don’t take em seriously anymore and fly VFR only. I’m sick of hearing em harass me :joy::joy::joy:

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and harass they do! There are loads of examples of them say harassing you up to FL280 from say FL200 just to 1 minute later harass you to expedite your descent to FL180 right after you get there. I just chuckle and comply.

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I can conclude that in a way it’s accurate with the struggle to climb but looks like it needs a n Altitude patch fix.

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No I just asked a question sorry for brother everyone

What has the cruising speed to do with climb?

If you have trouble maintaining FL200 it’s pilot error.
The default A320 does underperform compared to the real one, but it’s not that bad.

What is your climb speed in IAS and Mach?