Airbus A320neo problems importing Simbrief plan into MCDU

I am trying to input a Simbrief flightplan directly into the MCDU. I have watched several tutorials on how this works, however when I click on MCDU menu it does not work. I have to get into the options to be able to go any further.
Has anyone else had the same problem

British avgeek has a youtube video on how to import a simbrief plan into the A320 which is pretty comprehensive. I can confirm it works!
Nerve you entered your simbrief login name into the mcdu before you try anything else?

Have - not nerve!

thanks for that, I have watched his video. it’s very good. However knowing how to do it isn’t the issue. You have to click on the MCDU menu button first to go into options and then carry on from there. There lies the problem, it appears that the MCDU menu button on mine does not work, so I cannot go any further with importing the flight plan unless I do it manually

Oh, sorry I misunderstood the problem. You can’t press the FMGC button to start the set - up. It’s that right?

Oh no. Now I see that you can’t get to that menu by pressing the MCDU button. Do any of the other buttons work? Just a thought - are you using the Flybywire mod or the basic A320?

I was using the basic model. Just realised that the videos I watched were all for the fly by wire model. Just downloaded it but haven’t used it yet, but I have a suspicion that it will probably work fine.