Airbus A320neo V2

Please use this thread to post your impressions and feedback about the Airbus A320neo V2.

If you have any bugs related to this plane to report, please create a new thread in the Bugs & Issues section of the forum using the airbus-a320-v2 tag.

A PDF manual and Quick Reference Card are now available on our Manuals Page here:


When using the Easy Jet livery on the V2 has anybody had the pilots dissapearing when zoomed right in on the external view? Tested the other liveries and they are all ok.

For me, the setting for the number of passengers in the Efb has totally disappeared. It is put off only payload and cargo.

As far as I remember, there is no option to add the number of passengers, only in the A310 and the A300 variants of the planes. I was in the beta and didn’t see it as long as it was out.

First slider on the payload tab on the EFB. At least you have configured to replace passangers/cargo for payload on the settings tab.

Yet another default aircraft I don’t want and no way to delete it on XBox , why can we not have the option? PC can delete anything they want to.

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The sim brief flight plan is not loading into mine.


Not a fan of inibuilds planes nothing but issues and headaches, lots of lag and CTDs on Xbox and pc


They changed it to be simbrief user ID from simbrief user name. Make sure it’s the simbrief user ID (number) you are using. Enter it both in EFB AND in MCDU


It’s a lot more FPS intensive (think 30FPS tops) than it was before the previous update (in beta). I quite enjoyed using it before the last update a couple of beta iterations ago. Now I prefer using the FBW version (40 FPS). It’s now seems as sluggish as their A310 was/is.


I’m still downloading market place updates on my super duper 36meg connection… Will I fly tonight?? Find out, next week.

In other news, I’m assuming the enhanced version is PC only? Asking for an Xbox user friend.


Thank you, I have to reset the EFB one.

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Didn’t see the manual posted to the MSFS site yet, does anyone have a location? I saw one floating around during the beta period

Not sure there is one yet, but Ini posted a link to this video a couple of hours ago. So maybe there will be more video tutorials? :man_shrugging: Fairly easy to learn if you are used to the FBW A320 though.


Hello @BragRaindrop933,

That is the same video as the one in the OP of this thread, only published on iniBuilds’s YouTube channel as opposed to the MSFSOfficial channel.



Woops didn’t check the original post.

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Did that. Simbrief still doesn’t work on XBox. LVFR A320 worls perfectly. Why can’t IniBuilds do the same?

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I’m on PC, so can’t comment on xbox/simbrief usage. I’m sure there were xbox A320v2 simmers on the beta though who might be able to expand on what their experiences were. I’m sure I saw soem threads on it on here too.

Yea. I saw one that said it didn’t work on XBox on beta. As I posted the LVFR one works perfectly on XBox so it’s not an insurmountable problem.

Did you try this out on EFB (see linked posts images for step by step) This was Xbox and it had to do with enabling the EFB keyboard in options to avoid using ‘xbox’ pop up keyboard or somethign like that -

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