Airbus A320neo V2

After reading this, I think you may benefit of taking a review of your approach procedure.

FL100 250kn - activate approach mode and selected SPD to prevent deceleration from starting prematurely.
15nm manage speed (slow to green dot speed)
10nm flaps1
Intercept GS using flaps 1
Maintaining flaps 1 until 2000ft above airport (add landing alt)
Flaps 2
When flaps 2 extended, lower LG.
5nm flaps 3
4nm flaps 4.

If the current distance to the point where you need to be at 2000ft is very short, the plane will low the nose to try to achieve it.


I installed the Enhanced version and I can no longer input ILS frequencies on the FMS… Anyone having this issue?

Do you think the reason may be the use of a cost index of 20?? I think is not that high to result in that max vertical speed.

I dont remember takeoff weights but I load normally and aprox 160 pax, 1,200 kgs of cargo and 6 tons of fuel.

Yea except you missed the part about at 15 nm my managed speed still seems to be 250kn, not sure if this is something Im doing wrong with simbrief?

And no, it wasnt short, I was several miles away from where I needed to be at 2000ft. It just nose dived like it had to get there as fast as possible, and almost hit overspeed conditions.

No, I don’t think so. Do you want to share a FP so we can try to replicate the issue?
FP on the Simbrief format and weights.


PAX 180 ......
CARGO 2.3 ......
PAYLOAD 16.7 ......
ZFW 59.2 62.8 ......
FUEL 5.4 9.9 ...... POSS EXTRA 4.4
TOW 64.5 68.9

I also learned quickly, although not correct procedure to be fully established when I intercept the glide slope. I know what you described is the correct way, but I dont have a co pilot, Im using with an xbox controller, so its just alot to manage on final.

250kts at 15nm is ok. Basically you should be losing about 10kts/nm from there on in.

Personally I leave it on managed speed all the way to landing. I activate the approach in the MCDU at 15nm and start lowering flaps to control the deceleration. Landing gear down and full flaps by 5nm. Works for me.

Also if I’m not using ATC I dial in the ILS platform altitude while in the cruise and select VNAV 1nm before TOD.

When you activate approach are you leveled off or still descending?

Still descending. The only thing that changes is the reduction in target speed. Descent rate isn’t affected at all.

This is not related with Simbrief, but your aircraft operation.
As soon as you activate approach mode (on the MCDU) if you are on managed mode, your speed will slow down to green dot speed.

If the aircraft remains at 250kn is because:
a- you are not on managed mode.
b- you did not activated approach mode.

Managed mode or OP DESC ? OP DESC is a little more abrupt.

Yes, and being too early configured to land (on flaps full and LG out) could be the reason you are having some problems like A. Floor/TOGA LK, very steep descents, etc.

I don’t have a co-pilot either and I also use an Xbox controller. (flying on Xbox series X) I have added a mouse a couple of months ago, it is a good improvement, way easy to click all around.

Might have to do that

I had this confusion when started testing the new A320neo(V2). I fly it on my XBOX S. I disengage AP from the pilot’s sidestick ( Red Button ) press it twice solved the alarm problem for me.

If I’m not mistaken, even if you cross the Desceleration point (a magenta D in a circle along the FP on ND), the plane will not reduce speed below green-dot speed if you do not have flaps deployed (Flap 0).

Again, I insist, it is important to understand how the approach mode works and why you should activate it when the approach begins and not when it is 3/4 of the way through.

When you activate Approach mode (if you are in managed mode), the airplane enters a special mode of controlled deceleration with flaps (Experts: I know, I know, it is an oversimplification for practical purposes).

After activating approach mode:
With flaps 0, the plane will reduce speed from 250kn to what is called “green-dot speed”, which is a speed that offers the best lift-to-drag ratio. For reference, under normal conditions, it is around 200kn/220kn.

If you do not deploy flaps 1, the airplane (always in managed mode) will not reduce speed below the green-dot speed.

At flaps 1, the airplane will continue to reduce speed to S-speed, the speed for you to deploy Flaps 2 (around 180kn).

When you lower the landing gear, it produces drag, which helps reduce speed. Which leaves you in a position to finish deploying flaps 3 and 4.

Now that you understand how the approach mode works, re-read the step guide that I wrote a few posts above and try if it works for you.


Great explanation, @JuanPa75! Hopefully this helps users understand the complexities of the Airbus managed approach mode a bit better. :slight_smile:

The MSFS Team


Thank you, you are very kind.

Does the A320 slow down that good?
I have only done a couple of flights in it, but in the PMDG 737 250kts @15nm is quite fast and I have to act very quickly to slow it down in time for landing and generally I try to aim at ~220-230kts @15nm.

I normally aim to be at green dot speed by the time I get to 15nm in both the A20N v2 and the PMDG 737-800. Both aircraft are pretty slippery and very hard to slow down if you leave it too late


Every time, one for each engine, a mere fraction of a second (Xbox series X)

I like to think it is emulating a real-life idiosyncracy.

I will have to do some more flights in the A320 to get used to it. In case of the 737 (-600), under normal conditions (ie. no heavy winds/high landing elevation etc.) I aim at ~225-230 @15nm and don’t need to use any speed brakes to slow it down to flaps 1 speed @10-11nm. Afaik in real life ~220-ish @15nm is what pilots also aim for (if there is no restrictions ofc) . After that it is flaps 5 at ~2200, gear down at ~1500-1700 (ie. around 5nm out) and flaps 15. Flaps 30 depending on conditions and whether I am vfr or ifr (ie. depends whether I want to be at vref at 1000ft or 500ft :P) Flaps 40 only on super short runways.

Its definitely a case of no faster than 250kts and no closer than 15nm and I am hovering over the flap lever and selecting the next stage as soon as the speed hits the small brown tick marks but it’s worked for me so far.

320SP gave the speed recommendation in a couple of his videos so I followed that. 250kts/15nm, 200kts/10nm etc. As it worked I stuck with it.

Possibly a bit racy on a constant descent approach but usually the ILS platform altitude is ~3,000’/9nm and a level off before so that helps.

Can always throw out the landing gear early and/or use spoilers.

I set a 15nm radius fix on the runway threshold to remind me that’s the time to start decelerating.

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