Airbus A320neo V2

Its definitely a case of no faster than 250kts and no closer than 15nm and I am hovering over the flap lever and selecting the next stage as soon as the speed hits the small brown tick marks but it’s worked for me so far.

320SP gave the speed recommendation in a couple of his videos so I followed that. 250kts/15nm, 200kts/10nm etc. As it worked I stuck with it.

Possibly a bit racy on a constant descent approach but usually the ILS platform altitude is ~3,000’/9nm and a level off before so that helps.

Can always throw out the landing gear early and/or use spoilers.

I set a 15nm radius fix on the runway threshold to remind me that’s the time to start decelerating.

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I’ll try it in the A320 tonight :slight_smile:
I always aim for low drag/constant descent so if I am too fast 15nm out, it always means speedbrakes + gear down and hoping for the best :rofl:

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So, maybe whats throwing me off is when I enter approach mode, the magenta triangle for speed is goes down to the Vapp speed. I guess i never gave the airplane enough time to settle on greed dot? But then again, there is no time to settle, by the time it activates its a race to drop speed. Here is an example. This is the moment I entered the automatic approach mode. Appx 8 miles from runway going 250kn. You can see the Vapp speed in magenta. There was never enough time to see if it settle on green dot. It was basically flaps and gear asap. And I still was comin in a bit hot.

And here is speeds in flight plan.

I find EHAM catastrophically bad on frame rates and black screens on XBox X whatever the aircraft I fly. I just avoid it completely now.


Well, yes. At 8nm from airport you are too late. If you check the procedure, 8nm to land you need to be established on G/S, S-Speed, flaps 2, landing gear out, ready to deploy you landing flaps configuration and to slow down to Vapp speed.


You’re too fast and too close in. The decal point isn’t always a good guide. By 10nm you should be down to <200kts. TALES is at 9.5nm and its behind you and you’re still at 250kts.

Basic guide max speed is nm x 10 plus 100.

15nm =250kts
14nm =240kts

10nm =200kts

This is a good way to track the energy. If you’re above these speeds you’re in trouble.

The speeds on the MCDU are max limits.


Gear down at 7 miles. I’d normally be around 170 kts max around this point.

I have a general rule of thumb that it was anything you like up to 12 miles. Then 180kts between 12 and 8 miles. Then 160kts between 8 and 4 miles and then Vapp at less than 4 miles. Aim to be at those speeds by those points and you can’t go too far wrong

Really nice quick reference!


No i get that, but Im just not sure why a flightplan would have the approach mode that late. I dont know if its simbrief or this plane that is doing it, but I guess its on the pilots to see and override faulty plans. What is they say, SISO?

If im not mistaken the speeds on the MDCU are speeds the plane will try to obtain in managed mode. Yall are all telling me what I already know lol…. I know its too late! I guess lesson is dont just assume the flight plan is”managed” all that well.

It’s not a simbrief issue. The late DECEL point is apparently a common thing with the real aircraft based on several discussions on this over the years. It was said even real pilots don’t rely on it.

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Some arrival charts for busy airports will have notes to expect certain speeds at certain distances. The speed you fly at as you near the approach is dictated by ATC in the real world as they have to space you with other traffic

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It is not the plane nor simbrief, it is you :smiley:
As you noted - ‘SISO’. IRL it is the pilot’s responsibility to check VNAV and it is also their responsibility to fly the aircraft, VNAV is just an aid.

What I can recommend is to calculate the descent path on your own and cross check what the aircraft is doing every few thousand feet. I do it all the way down from TOD, this way I know if something is wrong much, much earlier and have a lot of time to correct it.

If you do not like what it is doing, just go into selected mode and correct it.

Oh ok Thank You. I didn’t know that.

Right, and to be fair, I was doing this with 95% of my flights, using selected speeds to override the faulty managed plan. The example above was to illustrate how the plan was faulty. Since then ive flown a few flights and two main takeaways: (1) just manually activate approach about 5-10 miles before the auto activation. (2) I was mistakenly thinking that when approach mode activates that it would drop all the way to the magenta speed or triangle on speed tape, which it does not. Thanks for the help everyone.

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(1) - I did not even know it automatically activates :joy:
(2) - Doesn’t it? I thought it slows down to approach speed if you drop flaps and if you don’t, it stays at green dot. Haven’t tried it though.

Yep it does. But is wayyy too late and you will be very fast. In the flight plan is called DECEL. You can see it on the picture from @AlphaZer01125

Yes it is like you say. It manages the speed according to flaps setting automatically (S-Speed after FLAPS 1, F-Speed after FLAPS 2 , Vapp after landing flap selection).

At FLAPS 0 it will remain at green dot speed, no matter if there are speed restrictions otherwise you could end up dangerously slow.

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Does anyone notice when deleting a waypoint during descent and almost on Appr the FMS tends to freeze up and all screens/displays, dials, including the FMS just freezes, autopilot breaks and the aircraft becomes wobbly when controlling lol?

Just had this happen for the second time.

Maybe I’ll try without touching the flight plan but only reason I even touched it’s because it was a weird circle :o: before landing

UPDATE: That seemed to have worked. Not sure why the aircraft starts to freak out after modifying the flight plan during descent. Hope fully they fix soon

Yes. Its been a known bug since SU15 beta. There are some reports in the bug section.

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