Airbus A320neo V2

A few posters have mentioned this time anomaly, so I got my wristwatch out and can confirm that I was able to replicate it (~40 secs loss over 3 hrs on Series X).

This got me thinking: there isn’t really any such thing as time. It’s a construct of the human intellect. Any watch you’ve ever owned is merely doing its best to simulate time. The v2’s clock is no different in this regard - a simulator within a simulator. Who is to say which one is doing the most authentic job?

Here’s a question for my fellow MSFS forum members: is your watch a simulator, or is it a game?

PS - Mine is both…
Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 11.42.57


Haha awesome watch

The time issue is well known. Any time there is a stutter, the time in the sim stops for the duration of that stutter and falls behind real time. So all the tiny micro-stutters that may happen all add up. Some aircraft are worse than others for it and the v2 is one of the better ones. For example the PMDG 737 when you’ve got the moving map open you’ll lose about 20 minutes for every hour of flight time. If you want to see that in action, while making a turn, open the moving map on the EFB and watch the nav display jump round in increments instead of smoothly turning with you

I did not know that. Informative - thank you!

I have a competing theory regarding the time anomaly that I am still mulling over. Maybe I’ll post it in a little while…

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I keep giving this aircraft a go every now and again, but there are so many bugs that every time I do it, I vow to never fly it again. Such a shame.

And yet this is what Jorg said during the last livestream…

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Good for them, I’m genuinely pleased some people enjoy it. However, it’s not for me, I would like to like it, but I notice far too many of the errors to make it enjoyable.

I would bet most of those you are experiencing are not bugs


They are actually.

Like what?

I will do a flight tomorrow and record various of them.

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OK, thanks @Azlog . One more from a naive newbie: the plan from Simbrief loads OK into the tablet, but how to you transfer it from the tablet to the MCDU? I am sure that it is trivial, but you gotta know…

On the MCDU, go into MENU and then select ACARS I think it is and then put your simbrief ID into the space for it

Then on the init page you can just request flight plan

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That’s the one

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I had the same issue. I was shocked by the fact that when I hit the button the second time, the AP was reengaged instead of silenced.

Have to determined what the issue was?

You need to set up a separate button function for that

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Cheers. Don’t suppose you know what the function is called do you? Silence alarms or something like that?

Look for autopilot disconnect. Don’t use toggle autopilot.


Thanks for the help.

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Is it possible that key bindings like “landing lights on” and “landing lights off” don’t work? They’re working with other planes I tested, but not the A-320 v2. They simply do nothing.

I don’t want toggling (which works) because I have a sequence programmed on my controller that makes a corresponding indicator light go on and off as well, and “toggling” also cycles through all three swicth states, which messes up that sequence.