Airbus A350

Please add the A350-900. This is my favourite Aircraft.

Many people want the Aircraft in the Sim

It would be great if they add this… Thank you for the nice game!

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I was wondering if there was going to be A350 added later on to the game? Does anyone know? It would be great to see it and fly it.


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I don’t believe there has been any confirmation of an A350 being added yet. However, we are just a few days into release with plenty of time for third-party developers to get working. I wouldn’t doubt it being added at some point, and who knows, it could already be in development!

Hi @wuper0737
I was wondering if there were going to be more airliners further down the road added by the Microsoft team and instead of relying on the third-party developers and I hoped that one of them would be A350.

as far I know they was request to a friend pictures for do textures form landing gear months ago…

Thats definitely a possibility, but again, no confirmations from Microsoft or any third-party developer or company that I know of. I also love the A350, so it would be great to have! :slight_smile:

I wish they would update us with some kind of roadmap regarding what they are going to fix and add in the upcoming months. So maybe hopefully in the near future they will add an a350 with more airliners to come.

I would love an A350, it was definitely my first choice, I hope it’s Asobo’s next airliner and it would compete a bit more with the Boeings we have.


There’s an A350-900 and 1000 in development project A350 it’s supposed to be study level.

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This was posted today: Airbus A350 XWB in Development!

By the looks of it, it will take a long time before it’s ready for release, though.

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In any case, this is not the correct forum section to post requests like this. This should go in the ‘Wishlist’ section.

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Yeah you’re right. I changed it to wish list . This was my error! Thank you

Does anyone know if the Airbus A350 is in the pipe line to be on msfs? Looking forward to if/when it does.

[Freeware Announcement] study level freeware A350 for MSFS - Third Party Addon Discussion / Aircraft - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

might be of interest. You might want to check out the linked discord channel to see what progress has been made, since this announcement.

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A payware A350 is being developed by Sim4flight


Hello everyone.

What if Asibo/Mucrosoft would lunch the most long ranged aircraft of the world, the A350 XWB Ultra Long Range (9700 nautical miles) either for PC and XBOX users in MSFS 2020?

Can you imagine? Travel from, example, New York or London to Tokyo via west, since Russia blocked its airspaces to all us westerners?

I read about it on Google and to be frank i remained amazed and speechless!!!

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Digital Flight Dynamics is working on the A350 aircraft. Here’s their latest update on where they are as of now.


My absolute favourite aircraft, hopefully we will get a Study Level A350 in the Marketplace. I don’t expect Asobo to develop one themselves, just that they lay the groundwork for a developer to be able and willing to bring an A350 into the Marketplace.

Digital Flight Dynamics are working on one. You can see their recent progress on their youtube page