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I seem to ne having some issues with Airbus A320 Neo speeds and climbing. Initial climb and speed is fine, however when advised to climb past FL250 to higher altitudes plane struggles to maintain adequate speed to climb on either managed altitude or selected altitude using VS mode. As I type, the aircraft is sitting at FL380, selected airspeed of 285 knots and is going only 180 knots at 88% engine.

has me stumped, everything seems to be in order as far as I can tell. Even using managed airspeed it won’t get up to the listed speed. Any advice welcome or even just to let me know its a bug.


there is a bug with air temperature too high at altitude, could be that

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Could be…in any event, another flight that ended in disaster. ATC can’t even give the descent instructions at the right time…overshot runway by about 2500 feet.

I wouldn’t listen to ATC, I don’t use it, its not very good ATM imho, descent planning is pretty simple, once you know the formulas

Yes I’ll start dong my own from now on.

What is the Mach speed you are getting at FL380? Max is ca. .78.
and depending on weight, temp. etc. the Neo‘s ceiling is about FL380 so don’t expect it to climb higher. Normal cruise is between FL290 and FL350 roughly. It is not a fighter jet :wink:

For a few days I have the same issue. Perhaps it has to do with the last FBWA320 Development Mod Version. Since I downloaded this version this issue came up. Before I had never this problem.

It’s a known bug with Live Weather. It’s nothing to do with the aircraft. They are working on it.

A workaround is to switch to a weather preset/manual weather.


Even with that, for at least a good few months now the stock A320’s climb performance above say FL250 has been anemic.

This is the first I’ve heard of it potentially being a live weather issue, I’ll have to circle back and check that out.

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Today I have downloaded the newest FBW Development version and all is fine again. Ok, today I used Rex Weather. So, I do not know yet how it works with Live weather. Yesterday I used Live weather.

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Yep. That is one of the many reasons why so many are using the FBW mod and also why people who care about aircraft realism are not necessarily enthusiastic about the default planes.

I just tried it with Live Weather. No problems. FBW A320 Dev Mod works fine.

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I also don’t have problems with FBW. Works nice. They do a great job. OP was about default A320 though.

Perhaps re-read what I posted. I’m not trying to get over FL380. Yes, I am aware it is not a fighter jet.

Well there you go. I’ll have to look into this FBW thing thats been mentioned here a few times. I wasn’t aware of it. Thanks all.

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