Airbus H145 Helicopter / Hype Performance Group

Dear friends!

I opened the Hype Performance Group Airbus H145 Helicopter forum. Each user can describe their experience with the add-on.

Unfortunately, the Hype Performance Group has closed the H 145 forum topic. I don’t understand why. I think if we bought the product, we can also say our opinion. Helping other users. I thought the comments would help the development team. I was wrong…

I am sorry that I had to request the closing of that thread, but it had severely derailed from its purpose of allowing our team to post development updates and answer community questions.

Users had already been warned by the moderation team about personal attacks, but then the discussion derailed further into a conversation about our team against other development teams.

We’ve happily collaborated with multiple other flight sim development teams, and we don’t look at this as some type of competition and that’s unfortunately where that thread was heading if it hadn’t been closed.

We are not leaving the forums, and still welcome community feedback and questions.


Thanks @PharaohEo for the response.

@hhelikopter4891 and other readers - the Third Party Forums are provided as a courtesy to the Third Party Developers and the Sim User base to discuss third party products in a general conversation.

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Hype Performance Group has a Discord Channel. Please take those conversations there.