Aircraft Acceleration and De-celeration

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I have been using the Fly By Wire Airbus A320 Neo for quite a while now, it’s a great aircraft that is well built, i love it. However I find that it along with all other aircraft I have flown seem to get up to take off speed very quickly, i’m talking before we even get half way down the runway, i’m near enough in the air. And then for landing, once I touch down i’m able to leave the runway before I get half way down it as well, I just feel like the planes speed up and slow down too quickly, in real life planes are having to use the majority of the runway, especially the bigger planes. Am I being silly here or have other people noticed this? Let me know.

And for landing, the landing roll depends on your autobrake setting. Which setting are you using?

Weight is also a significant factor. What is your T/O weight in the A320 when you notice faster time to takeoff speed.

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And the take off as well. :wink:

Hmm, all interesting points that I’ll be sure to test moving forwards. A good example is this video I uploaded to YT the other day, shows me landing on 27R at Heathrow and I’m off the runway so quickly. (Also I know it was a terrible landing :see_no_evil:)

There are multiple factors here.

On takeoff, pilots don’t always use full engine thrust. It would increase noise and taking off with lower thrust probably preserves the engine better. You could adjust takeoff de-rate in the N1 page on the FMC in a Boeing or you can change the flex temp on an Airbus.

On landing, it depends on your autobrake settings. This changes depending on weight, runway length, weather etc. I usually use autobrake 2 or 3 in Boeing aircraft (there is 1, 2, 3, 4, MAX AUTO) unless conditions require a more aggressive setting, or conditions allow for a softer one. On Airbus, I tend to use LO or MED.

Aircraft weight and other conditions such as weather will also contribute to a longer/shorter takeoff or landing roll. This obviously includes tailwinds and headwinds.

The landing wasn’t terrible at all.

At ~120kts you disengaged the autobrakes and applied full manual braking.
That’s why your A320 slowed down so quickly.

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Ahh, i just put the brakes on myself by instinct I didn’t realise that. Interesting, thank you for your help gang I shall do some testing over the next few weeks :+1:t4:

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On a long runway just use low autobrakes if you dont need to vacate early. Then let them do their things. You will overheat them if you apply full manual brakes anyway.

IRL those two setting are both equally bad.
LO is too weak and it takes ages and a lot of runway to slow down.
MED is pretty harsh and not very passenger friendly.

Boeing on the other hand…


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