Aircraft control on ground

Still cannot manoeuvre aircraft properly when on ground. 747 is easier to control when going backwards

the 320 and the other aircraft are pretty decent, the 748i has always been a issue as if its on ice all the time

I flew A320 today snd struggled to get it to runway

i dont have any problems with the 320, just a slight amount of oversteer after releasing the turn it continues to turn for a few degrees

Hi Andrew

What joystick flight controller are you using? I have a really old cyborg and think that is causing most of my issues.


i have the Saitek/Logitech X-56 HOTAS

Hi Andrew

I have just bought the airbus joystick with throttle quadrant. Think most of my problems are with my cyborg. Throttle is only 100% or 0 steering does not work on the ground. Here’s hoping I can properly enjoy 2020 flight simulator. The cyborg worked great with the old version and I was a very proficient pilot but because I can’t control the throttle properly I just keep crashing at the moment.