Aircraft control throttle yoke and rudder keel locking issue

hi can anyone help me on fs 2020 i go to taxi takeoff or land but i have a sensitivity issue my throttle and rudder pedals and yoke keep locking and then working off and on for example i go to taxi my plane and when i turn my controls rudder pedel and yoke throttle keep locking wont move at all i have to keep hitting buttons or pause and resume my game to get it working and then a few seconds later happens again and on and on etc i tried every thing from messing with my sencativity and auto rudder and auto yoke turned on/off and assit control sencativity off/on i tried contacting microsoft no reply as well it works my controler and controls work fine on my other pc but the one im useing it just does that . can anyone help me the joy stick im using is a logtech 3d extreme pro and i ported my sencativity below

Do you have more than one controller for rudder?
If so, that can be your issue.
All the assists in Assist Options, and from the in sim Piloting Assists must be off.
The autopilot must be off.

i l check if i have more then one controler on fs2020 and il do what u said and let u know

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i have 2 profiles for the same controlers should i delete them both and keep the default profile

Profiles shouldn’t matter. You only use one at a time.

In the profile you normally use, ensure your controller is highlighted at the top of the page.
In “search by name” type in rudder
See what commands are displayed.
Do the same for every other controller (not keyboard ) that is there
If you have the same command being used by more than one controller, clear it from the ones you don’t use.

i deleated my profiles and use the default one i only use one controler wich is my logtech 3d extereme pro and all my assits are off still the same issue and the controler works fine on my other pc

Do you have anything in your Community Folder?
If so try with it empty.

yeah i have some planes and airports

i did do what u said my vanella aircraft work fine

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update about my contorols keep locking i contacted microsoft they said try to uninstall my mods and thy the vanilla plane s aka default i did do that and it works fine but i put my mods in i have and it does it again il put a pic of my mods folder

update 2

i currently have the cs 767 400 installed but this issue occoured before i bought and installed this aircraft if u can think of any soluations please msg me back

This just something to try.
I have no idea if it will help, but it’s worth a try.
Look under “General Options” “Accessibility” “Cockpit Interaction System”.
Are you set for Legacy or Lock?
Whatever it is, try the other.

ok thank you

i have a list of my errors off my console if u can take a look at them and see what the issue is that would be awesome

i could not put a notpad in here so i created a google drive link FS 2020 console - Google Docs

Find your “Official One Store” Folder and delete it.
Ensure your Community Folder is empty.
Start sim.
It will build a new Official One Store folder.
There is something wrong there as you have numerous copies of most of the aircraft.
After that try the sim.
Then shut down sim and add your Captain Sim addon back in the Community Folder and try.

Is that what is causing my issue if u know pls ms me back

It’s very hard to tell, but from looking at that file you posted, you have numerous copies of most of the default aircraft. That will cause issues.
I have no idea f it will fix the problems you have, but it is definitely something that needs to be fixed.