Aircraft Development Concept

Firstly, I am having a great time since the launch of MSFS. it’s definitely in the “next gen” cataegory. There are many aircraft and aircraft types included. I don’t know if this resonates with any other simmers here (or sinners), but I think the sim should have launched with far fewer aircraft, but those should have been developed to a study level, or very near study level state. In other words, concentrate on providing a few well developed and fully functional aircraft.

A couple of airliners - 1 Regional, 1 Long haul; 1 Trainer; and maybe a couple more GA prop and jet airplanes, all with fully functional, deep systems modelling.

The rest, well either MS or 3rd party developers could fill the gap if required in due time.

It seems to me there was an imbalance between the excellence MSFS brought to the flight sim world in every respect and the plethora of underdeveloped aircraft. Right out of the box as standard we were treated to a peerless and wonderfully modelled world/ scenery, weather, navigational updates, user interface, flight models/ aerodynamics, ATC(?), out peforming any other (standard) flight simulator.

As I write this I am beginning to feel a bit of a nit-picker because the FlyByWire A320 is really coming alive. The Daher TBM 930 is an absolute delight. So please forgive me if this does not resonate with you, I understand, but I’m glad I got it off my chest.

I am excited for the future and potential of MSFS and am confident this will become the best, out of the box, fully featured, fully functional flight simulator of all time, and I know how hard working and genuine the developement teams are, so I would like to finish by taking the opportunity to thank them unreservedly for their undivided, loyal and unceasing expertise and experience for the benefit of us desktop desperados.

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I agree they should have picked a few planes and made those useable. Now there are a lot of planes, most of which in the same category (single engine GA) with the same avionics (G1000/3000) and they are all half-baked.

Fewer planes with higher level of functionality and more variety would have been nice, few prop planes, few jets, a helicopter and a glider.