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I am not sure if this topic has been covered, but could someone please bring us xbox simmers some decent airliners, you have flybywire and fenix simulations for pc which both do a a320, is it not about time we had one for the xbox, I know flybywire is not coming to the xbox but not sure about the fenix one.

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It’s difficult. The closed nature of the Xbox ecosystems is difficult for the developers to create an accurate aircraft simulations using only the SDK and the default engine.

FlyByWire and Fenix are all using custom coding that runs separately from the default engine. Something that Xbox just doesn’t support.

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I can only say that our CRJ (550/700/900/1000) should be on Xbox in not too long. The development of our other aircraft (Twin Otter and A330) is also fully aimed for release on the Xbox platform. I also believe all PMDG products are intended to be released the same way.

As Neo### said, it means working inside the sim fully, but we believe the sim will grow towards a very solid platform for more complex aircraft in time.

Mathijs Kok


Well thats some positive news, I wish if only xbox could do something to enable the xbox to be opened up so that the likes of flybywire, vatsim etc etc could work


I had a discussion with a fbw developer some months ago about bringing the marketplace version of fbw to xbox. I was trying to do that but unfortunately i dont have a pc that allow me to run msfs, so as far as i understand the fbw developer, there is a marketplace version of fbw in their github, any developer out there could bring the fbw into xbox marketplace (for free obviously) but no one works for free, so we could give to that person some money so he can work on that. The sdk of xbox and pc is supposed to be the same so maybe there is no a lot of changes to do. The only problem is that the fbw version will be until 6.0 if im not wrong.

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It’s awesome that Aerosoft is comitted to bring their products to Xbox! In the last Live Q&A Jorg said that Hans Hartmann would start working on bringing the CRJ to Xbox soon. Can you confirm that work has begun on bringing the CRJ to Xbox?


I can.



Great news! Very excited to finally get my hands on the CRJ.


What top gun dlc Airplane r we doing to get?

It has been already released, its the f18

I can’t wait!!! The sooner the better!

Then what is coming may top gun dlc?

@TheFalconOne any update on when the CRJ will be coming to Xbox? Thanks for interacting on the forums.

Again, probably after the updated WASM functionality gets implemented on console, I.e. after SU10.

Just out of interest, with this WASM update coming to the xbox will this mean we will get the flybywire a320 and more addons like vatsim and simconnect???

I understand that but is it plug and play right after that or is there 6 months more development needed….I should have clarified after WASM what’s the time frame we are looking at.

The flybywire will not be on xbox, the developers have chosen not to make it available, it’s something to do with licensing issues.

Neither VATSIM, FBW or sim connect, but the good news is that we’re going to finally get the 737 and other complex airliners able to use in xbox

I’m more of an Airbus guy than a Boeing guy. I’ll certainly purchase the 737 when it comes to Xbox, but I really would like to see a decent third party A320 released.


Agree, i would also like to see a decent A320 for us xbox simmers, someone out there should be able to do it surely :thinking: