Aircraft for xbox

An A330 would also be very welcome for long haul, next to the 787-10.

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Aerosoft is already developing a a330, should be out next year

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Nope, this year.


I didn’t expect that tbh :skull: hope it makes he’s way to xbox this year as well.

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Is anyone developing an A220, and any chance it arrives on XBox?

That’ll depend on whether they can fix the WASM issues mate.

Yes, taking into account the expected date to this to get fixed (July) same with the PMDG 737, if they fix it in July it’ll be available in August/September i think


Yes I think that’s probably a reasonable assumption.

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An F18 Livery called Maverick knew as “F-18E”
and the other is a hypersonic military jet called Experimental Darkstar, originally called Lockheed Martin SR-72 Darkstar, known as “The Son of Blackbird”

There is a company that’s already working on an Airbus A350-900, I don’t remember their name but they make it with Xbox specifically in mind. It will be out in 2023 if everything goes to plan.

Edit: Here it is, it’s Flight Sim Media. Redirecting...

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I wish someone made an A220 for Xbox, the one from Synaptic will be PC only as far as I know.

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