Aircraft ground handling still drastically unrealistic

I’ve noticed that the flagging system is being relentlessly abused of late. :man_shrugging:


I could be imagining things but maybe they added more options in the sensitivity settings

I have this for my Thrustmaster pedals

PS the Arrow III is still a pain but flaps 1 and trim up 0.3 makes a huge difference

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Agreed. Seen some pretty inoffensive posts hidden.

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Hi, OneRobertOne,

I think you’re absolutely right!


So much of this sim has been put down sloppily to release it as fast as possible. Now, between the need of releasing new content and bringing it out for xbox (etc) devs have started to actually develop the sim. I didn’t know that they talked about it that way but it’s good and relieving to read. So there is still hope for quality beside all the qantity.


Wanting an aircraft’s takeoff run to NOT feel like it’s on an ice-skating rink is hardly the quest for “perfection”…


:rofl: Too true.

I’m noticing that the A320neo FBW has much better ground handling than the standard planes.

No problem holding that on the centre line at takeoff or landing.


It definately seems the larger planes actually feel like there’s some weight to them. Still the smaller ones should definately feel that the tires have some sort of grip level as little as they are as opposed to little to none at all :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I can’t believe ground handlers still walk through or stop in ridiculous places around the aircraft, vehicles constantly drive where they shouldn’t or that the pushback tug still drives through many of the planes (slicing up the operator) over a year after launch.


“And again, the wind thing is a circus, we do agree on that. Rudder settled on final all nice and groovy, tires touch runway and all of a sudden the circus big top music starts and the plane is skittering all over like a Benny Hill skit. yeah, that part is definitely not right.”

Too funny and too true, unfortunately.

I sometimes get the feeling that the sim saves the last input settings for controls, especially the rudder, when it goes from flying to touch down and that’s when all hell breaks loose, with the plane pulling one way or the other. It’s as if the rudder or brakes are locked in one direction, so extreme opposite rudder/breaking is required just to keep it somewhat going straight down the runway. Once speed drops below a fast walk, things appear to unlock and controls appear to work better. I may be way off base, here but that is the impression that I get.

I agree, I was a real life pilot in the 1990’s and have also been a flight simmer since the fs4 days.
The flight dynamics for the default light aircraft are reasonable but ground handling is way too twitchy. It’s a major issue that needs sorting out or, in my opinion, it’ll remain a game not a simulator.

Why have you adjusted the neutral point for your rudder pedals?

Good question … I can’t remember :grin:

But I think it was to add or remove engine torque in the Solo or maybe the Arrow III … I’m used to it now so I’ll let it be

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Yes, I do.

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For me, turning right/left is a big pain when I’m on the ground with big airliners. the rudder works much better with the smaller planes. so when I fly big airliners, I let AI handle taxi. :confused:

Try taxying on water with live weather :rofl: BTW if you want water rudders to work on the Craft Cub and Skyhawk here is the answer… Is it normal that the Cub Crafter X Cub - Floats can’t steer on ground? - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

I wonder- any chance this will get addressed in SU6?

The patch notes have been posted, so if it has it should be there.

Just so everyone knows when stumbling over this thread:

Asobo mentioned in their last Q&A they are aware of a friction issue on the aircrafts wheels and they are fixing it.

Friction was not well simulated and most likely it will be improved in SU6.

Hopefully :grimacing:

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