Aircraft identification not appear? Bug?

The aircraft tail number are sometimes not shown and a white strip appears that covers all their place, it is only sometimes and in different planes, the personalized ones are not shown either

Are you talking about your aircraft? or are you talking about AI aircraft you see in the game?

The only time I’ve seen this happen where there’s just a white band where the registration code should be , if I am recalling correctly, is if I had an addon aircraft that the sim was spawning as AI.

If I talk about my plane, I mean the numbering and the letter that appears on the plane, there are times that a white strip appears instead of the numbering, and the personalized one is not shown either, it does not appear in several planes, for example in the TBM 930 with the stock liveries

yes it’s totally broken. It will keep what you entered the last time across everything, regardless if the airplane already has a tail number in the aircraft.cfg and will just draw it on top of it. And sometimes it’s just empty ^^

and what can I do to fix it? Even if I do not personalize the number, it is not shown, only a white stripe appears covering everything

I usually include the tail number into my flight setup, I usually use german registrations and they include a weight and engine number code so I can’t use one for all. If the airplane already has its number in the cfg I type something, hit enter, then delete it and hit enter again. Often it works but not always. Fix? nothing I guess. Just wait for Asobo to fix it.

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This has been broken since day one!

White stripe to cover the tail registration only appears on Ground/AI Aircrafts, it shouldn’t appear that way in your own aircraft as it will always take the registration number from the Customise page, or even the livery Aircraft.cfg file.

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