Aircraft Lighting .. ready to give up!

wonder if anyone could help with this ???
I am TOTALLY BAFFLED By it all …
I have some information from SDK - this code -

      (A:LIGHT LANDING, bool) (A:LIGHT LANDING ON, bool) and 100 *

(Which fails miserably) :frowning:

So I asked in the forum here …
One of Asobo guys came up with this alternative code —

<Component ID="LandingLights" Node="lumi_landing">
<UseTemplate Name = "ASOBO_GT_Material_Emissive_Code">

And it Fails miserably also :frowning:

So… Is there some magical setting in Material Editor I am missing ?
Or perhaps a selection in the Babylon Compiler Maybe ?

PLEASE help if you can … ALL I want is proper Glowing lighting on my Aircraft lol

Does anybody actually ever read these posts ? ?

Hello, NM258. Did you solve this problem?

I have the same issue. I can’t assigne any XML code to emission texture to control it’s brightness

It may be you have a clue?

For highly technical help, you may have more success on the FS Developer forum

A more specific link …
About half way down the page posted by ANTHONY31