Aircraft (Liner A320, B737 etc...) steer itself to right on T/O roll and Landing Roll

Hi there, i’ve originally created a ticket on Zendesk, but it marked as solved automatically after sent, i’ve created a followup just after but the followup was closed and solved automatically again just after sending it.

So i’m arriving here to request your help :x

Since the beginning of FS2020, my aircraft is steering to the right only during takeoff run and landing rollout, i have to put excessive left rudder during the rolls (take off and landing).
This doesn’t appear in flight hopefully but is very annoying during takeoff and landing.

During T/O the aircraft have to put left rudder to maintain runway centreline and after lift-off when i release left rudder, it’s a complete mess during aircraft stabilisation.
During Landing, the aircraft move left and right of the runway due to excessive left rudder and a lot of time, the aircraft exit the runway by sliping…

It is normal with a propeller aircraft due to the propeller effect, but it should not be normal or excessive with an airliner aircraft…

This bug does not appear during taxi, i’ve already checked my sensitivy settings and these are normal.

Thank you very much for your answer !

Try checking in options that your aircraft model is set to modern and not legacy.

Weather? People greatly underestimate the affect of wind on aircraft on the ground.

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I have the same thing. Only during takeoff however but with the same effects you described.

Hi, as i saw everywhere on internet, i’ve already checked that, i’m always set to modern :slight_smile:
Thanks !

Yeah, i saw after that wind do a big impact on that, i’m gonna double check after, today or tomorrow, but i don’t think it was that, as it start to do that from the start of the take off roll, so at a low speed… :confused:

Hope we (or dev) gonna find a fix if it’s not the wind :confused:

If its single engine GA aircraft, make sure you rpms are set on the low side and dont launch with full throttle since the momentum of the engine will pull you to the side???

I’ve just tried with NO wind at all and it seems that it is more stable, the aircraft don’t seems to steer right or left anymore, but it is really impressive that with a little wind, not more than 5 knots, the aircraft want to put itself into the wind at a low speed.

I don’t know if it’s the reality or if it’s too much in the sim :confused:

Let’s see if other peoples have some troubles with no wind, but for my case, i think the wind was the problem, and it is now fixed.

Zendesk has some unique terminology!
This is from the Zendesk faq which explains why you are getting “solved” as a response.

Can you explain the Bug Reports (Ticket) statuses to me?

Below you will find a short description of each status.

  • New: The bug report is in the queue and hasn’t been handled yet.
  • Open: You updated the bug report.
  • Awaiting your reply: Our team contacted you to request more information and is waiting for your reply.
  • Solved/Closed: The bug report has been handled and escalated to our internal bug tracker—Our QA team will then review the information and try to reproduce the issue thanks to the information you provided.

It is easy to forget that the giant vertical stabilizer(tail fin) is gigantic and basically works as a sail.
on the B737 you have something like 285 square feet of “sail”. Its a big fin.

Hi Good afternoon,

The ticket status is directly in Solved after sending it.
I thought it was a bug because my tickets was always in NEW and I always had an answer from the support team, I’ve never had the automatic SOLVED.

Thanks for your answer !

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