Aircraft on LOWI runway

Hello forum s friends.
One of the favorite airports that I fly VFR is Innsbruck (LOWI).
For a few days now I have been seeing an airplane on the runway; An airplane with 2 liveries that is on the runway and does not move.
I know that I have to deactivate the sceneries and add ons in order to find the reason for the problem, but I thought that before bothering about it here the question maybe someone can help me.

That’s actually 2 airplanes with different liveries - 1 inside the other. I had the same thing happen to me at LAX about a week or so back. They just stayed there no matter how long I waited. But they were also gone the next time I loaded in the airport, so it wasn’t persistent as yours seems to be.

I don’t know if your using the Aerosoft or AIG traffic managers, but it could be possible it’s one of those causing the issue where these planes are always there.

judging by the nose, Aerosoft’s?

It’s unclear whether it’s Traffic or Scenery related, but either way - it’s not the stock sim causing this, so off to #third-party-addon-discussion:tools-utilities it goes!

actual, if this is the default LOWI scenery, it is a stock Sim issue. Both AI Mods (AIG and Aerosoft) do not change anything regarding the actual AI behavior.

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Thanks. We can move it if someone can locate the existing defect report on the board corresponding to the Topic Author’s post?

I reckon its ST related, as is the low flying aircraft. Aerosoft say it isn’t ST.

not sure if we already have a bug report for this issue. There are quite a lot of airports with this issue…

I have reported this for Nice (France Update) at ZenDesk with ID: 107213

we have one big topic for AI stuff: "Passive aircraft" related bugs and issues analyzed by AIG

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