Aircraft Performance Tables

Hi all,
first, I’m new in this forum, so I hope to find some help.
Search for my questions have been not successful, so I try with a topic.
Maybe there is one I couldn’t find, then let me know.
My problem/issue:
Via eurocontrol I could find an aircraft performance database with performance data for the most aircraft I use in FS2020. There are data e.g. for take-off, for climb, cruise, descent etc.
But now: As I know, there are specific guidelines for every aircraft to reach this data during flight. Means: There are, e.g. for a prop like King Air clear tables from the manufacturer (within the aircraft manual?) how to set values for RPM, flaps and so on to reach a rate of descent 500 ft/min with an IAS 120 kt.
Where are these values/tables available? Or ist it try and error?
Hope all the professional simmers can help.
Many thanks in advance.

You’ll need to find / download the Aircraft Flight Manuals for the aircraft types concerned. The Eurocontrol data you are referring to is for use by Air Traffic Controllers to have some idea about the performance of different aircraft types. For actual performance data you’ll need the AFM.

Thank you for your reply . Already tried to find the manuals, currently with no succes. I think I have to intensify my search.

The Cessna 172S and TBM can be found on the internet, I’m sure there are others.