Aircraft select and weight setup

when i start a flight and select an Aircraft, then i change the weights and especially the MAC Slider. ( right top

But when i press “reset” ( lower left ) or the next time i start with the same aircraft,
the Values i changed before are back to the old settings.

The question is where is this saved ?
Is there a File anywhere ?

Also, as you can see, the weight of the Pilot as example is set to 88 Kg ( 194 lbs ) in the
flight_model.cfg. Why is it in the Weight Dialog 77 Kg ??


Resetting back to the default is the expected behaviour. It does not save from flight to flight.

Ahh, thanks…

I did some changes in the flight_model.cfg ( also changed the Pilot weight ) and wonder why it is not taken over.
Now i realized that i have to restart the complete Sim to see the effect :slight_smile:

We lost to ability to save those a while back so it’s not caused by SU10.

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As a rule of thumb, when you make any kind of change to the files that control anything within an application, you should always restart the app to make sure nothing goes sideways.

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