Aircraft strobe lights way too dim compared to real life

Hi everyone,

I have noticed the flashing strobe lights are way too dim compared to real life. For example, when going into cloud nighttime strobe lights wont illuminate the mist/cloud around you what it does in real life… its quite common that pilots turn strobes off because of that blinking cloud.

Other thing, related to same issue, I think airplanes(lights) should be visible farther away. In real life you can easily spot airplane’s flashing lights 100km far away. When looking from ground. When you are in FL380 I believe the range is much bigger. On the other hand, I havent checked the actual ranges when a/c lights disappear, I just have the feeling the ac lights visibility range should be higher.

Altough these arent so big issues, but I find them somewhat distracting and immersion-killer. After all, those tiny things combined make the experience.

I believe things above are technically quite easy to correct. I’ve been even looking for aircraft model/config files etc for entries for lights but so far no success.

Any thoughts about these things?


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