Aircraft stutter not the sim

hi, i would like to ask if this is a common issue, the aircraft is stuttering, not the sim, the sim is working fine and smooth i.e (camera and animation), i have recorded a video and hope it would be clear for you to see what i mean.

it’s like if something is pushing it down and it stutter while doing it, not sure if it’s the weather or wind.
link to my recording:

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Bear with me here, could you turn all your graphical options to their minimums for a test flight? Lowest draw distance, everything. Also, is that the A2A Comanche? Sorry, I watched the video further, and can see it is.

The Comanche has had animation issues on some people’s systems when the frame rate drops to a low enough level. I’m wondering if that is happening here, and causing the planes altitude/position to jump about.

I believe this was some sync issue between the external flight model, and the sim. Other issues could be observed, such as some of the EFB menus not updating correctly.

Just a guess, but I would be interested to see if you take the load off the sim, and let it run as fast as it can, whether that stuttering disappears.


I did what you asked me to do and you were correct the stutter was completely gone, and when reverting back to the previous settings The stutter came back, but it wasn’t there before the last update, I don’t know what changed, but I think I’m gonna change my settings

I would like to add that before the gauges weren’t syncing correctly they were stuck, and also the whole animation for the plane it was just like a static object

thank you very much for your helpful advice


Yes, that all points to the simulator not being able to keep up with the external flight model.

If you wanted further insight on this, as I’m just an end user, you could try asking on the official forums.

The only real “fix” for this would be to settle for a configuration that doesn’t show those issues, and is still pleasing to the eye, or upgrade your hardware.

It’s probably the CPU, as that is most people’s bottleneck, and the settings you had said were overloading it.

If you can hang on we may find big gains in this area with MSFS 2024, next year some time.

And you are welcome! :slight_smile:


my PC spec

amd 3900x
48gb ram 3600mh
gtx 1070 ti 8gb

Sim is installed on sata SSD

also, thank you for the link. I’m gonna read about it I wanna know exactly what’s the issue is

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it might actually be your GPU, as the processor came out in 2019, so not that old.

The developer mode FPS view will give you a breakdown of current performance. It will show you what is holding you back, the CPU or the GPU.


again, you are correct. I am limited by my GPU.

am not ready to give out a kidney for a new gpu :smiling_face_with_tear:

i will try to find a sweet spot for my settings so i can also enjoy the sim (am a addicted to the eye candy)


The big ticket items that can get you some hefty gains are the Terrain & Object LOD. You can back that off quite far, and it will make no difference to scenery in your vicinity, only at range, so depending on how fast the planes you fly go, and what you are willing to tolerate, lowering that down to 50, then working up in steps until the issue recurs, then back off, would be a good step.

I think someone here made a fairly detailed breakdown of which graphics settings are CPU bound, and which are GPU bound, but that could be a fiddly search playing with keywords.

If you don’t mind where they came from, you might be able to find some good offers on eBay. Look for anything that was used for Bitcoin mining. :wink:

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i have seen those on aliexpress, i was going for one (6800XT) but the sellers are shady AF, and the response for my email doesn’t sound “human” if you know what i mean.

but 100% my next card is going to be used, i don’t want to support price hiking.

i found the fix on the A2A site, it had to do with the camera shake option and turbulence settings from the sim, and also the rolling cache, hope anyone who have issue find this

from user CoolGunS on A2A forums:


Ive been reading this topic over the past week, mostly because I was playing around with the turbulence in MSFS and the Comanche’s tablet settings and I was definitely seeing stutters when the comanche started rocking. The more the turbulence, the worse the stutters as per so many other posts.

My goal was to fly on REALISTIC with the tablet on the centre setting for turbulence. Long story short and much testing of REALISTC MEDIUM and LOW in MSFS and… I solved it.
Hoping that what I have done will help others.

My system is not uber, ok? Ryzen 5 2600 with a RX 580 GPU. I run at 1080p and get around 35-42 fps with my settings.

First of all I turned the camera shake off in the msfs graphics settings as Scot suggested. It definitely helped but I did need to reduce MSFS turbulence to LOW for it to be acceotable as there were still stutters on REALISTIC.

But the settings that killed the stutters for me on REALISTIC was turning VSYNC to 50% in the graphics settings thus locking FPS on my 60hz monitor to 30 fps. It was immediate and jaw dropping. No more stutters. Gone. Maybe the occasional one but OMG they are practically zero. Wish I had done this long ago.

Good luck, hope this helps someone.

EDIT = I left the camera shake off. Didn’t want to screw with perfection."

again thank you very much for your help.

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Yes, your system would have been chasing for 60fps, and it’s great if it can get there, but if it can’t you get stuttering, or bad frame pacing, I think is the term.

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IIn my case, this applies only to Comanche, other aircraft with CPU spikes behave normally.

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I have seen this behaviour in several aircraft many times in the past. The reason is a micropause in the physics simulation caused by a microfreeze in the main thread. Without physics aircraft just falls from sky and appears to jump back to its original position as soon as simulation is restored (once microfreeze is over). It´s not a low fps nor graphical related issue, as even at low fps the main thread and gpu can still work, but they do it just slower. Simulation is still seemless in that case but updates you see in game are just less frequent than at higher fps.

What I have seen as main reason for this in the past (in my case at least) was FSUIPC (some releases caused that and others not) together with any aircraft using custom scripts. The effect was clear as once FSUIPC was running the freezes were periodic at the same interval always (maybe caused by a polling timer) and only happened with those aircraft not with ones using regular gauges. Terminating FSUIPC removed the periodic freezes but the ones caused by aircraft custom scripts were still noticeable from time to time and you could clearly see the spikes even while being static at ground in some cases. However nominal main thread microfreezes in game, caused by regular scenery loading or weather updates for instance, can also cause that, being normally not so frequent and periodic but still noticeable.

There´s no problem with your HW nor a way to prevent this effect. It´s just a piece of code that holds main thread longer that it should. It could be just a timer forcing a hold until other variable gets updated or running too frequently. Things like that are the typical reasons I would say. I don´t own Comanche but it´s possible that in that case it´s caused by its custom scripts too. It´s not an aircraft that uses complex gauges as others do (I had the P3D version in the past), so I don´t think it could be caused by the regular gauges code, unless they put something intensive there for the MSFS version. But it still implements a relevant portion of custom coded features.


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