Aircraft Substitution in Multiplayer is a bit silly when based on Wingspan

Apparently MSFS is still using FSXs old Aircraft Subsitution System for Multiplayer by taking only the Wingspan into account.

This Means that a 22m ASH-25 Glider will be substituted with a CRJ-200 Regional Jet.

Ju-52 and DC-3 show as Boeing 737s sitting on their Tails.

A System based on Weight or Engine Power would likely work a lot better.

Where did that come from? I don’t think that’s entirely correct. Explain fighter jets showing as A320/737 sized jets. One thing is for sure whatever they are doing is junk. Proper model matching is what’s required and it wouldn’t be that hard to have a generic category that’s set in a cfg file that every aircraft that developed gets given. Then send that over multiplayer and everyone else at least gets to see something that resembles what you are in. It wouldn’t need that many categories either. I posted a possible list on these very forums a while back.

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I think it’s not entirely wrong to base it on wingspan, as that stays mostly the same on aircraft variations (e.g. A320, A319…) while engine power and weight would differ more drastically.

What should however definitely be done is limiting the selection for the substitution to aircraft from the same category.