Aircraft Tag View Distance

I feel that this has been mentioned before.

Why do we have to see tags that are so far away that we could never encounter them ?
I see an A/C tag that appears to be on approach to the runway I am taxiing to.
I wait and wait and finally give up, taxi out onto the runway and depart.
Wondering about the a/c I thought was on approach, I flew in that direction only to discover he/she is so far away I would never find them…

We need a way to limit the a/c that we see around our a/c to 5 -10 -15 or 100 miles… Some user selected distance. Is that something that is in discussion or coming ??

Regards to all… Have a safe weekend !

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Yes and departing AND arriving tag would be great

Just use the search function and participate in the existing threads. “nametags distance” immediately brings up these:

I also dont get why the awful banner around players and not AI planes?

There’s a limit of loaded other aircraft (somewher around 30). First it is used up by multiplayer aircraft (up to a certain far distance) and if there’s room left, AI will be spawned to fill up to this common limit.
If there’s enough multiplayer aircraft in the maximum range, you won’t see close AI traffic at all (no just the nametags, they will not spawn at all).

One more reason to reduce the multiplayer visibility distance since this would allow for close AI to spawn if enabled.

Which is so absolutely bassackwards I could cry.

The bias for Live vs AI is horrible. I don’t care who is flying in Delaware when I’m over New Hampshire.

But the nameplates … why?

Also, most of the time the AI are the only planes actually near you and attempting being planes.

I agree with you …
I have AI OFF and Multiplayer ON. I am flying in my hometown area of Pensacola, Fl (KPNS) and see a few a/c at the airport (1 to 3 normally) but all the others in the sky are (apparently) Far, Far away. Maybe they are over in Alabama.

We really do need a DISTANCE selection method so that we are not so distracted by a/c that appear to be in our vicinity.

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