Aircraft tail number, call sign and flight number

PC Store Premium: since SU 5 the tail number, callsign and flight number are no longer saved. Additionally the top of screen toolbar does not hide automatically as it used to before SU5.

Have a look to see if your airports visited history is updating also…

I have 3 flights in that “history” these look like the first 3 airports I ever visited.

Nothing from any recent (like “just now” “today” “last flight I made” is getting saved there.

Weights are resetting also…

And as you say, aircraft ID. Forgotten.

All history from August 18 2020 is there.

Same here. Tail, callsign, FN have to be entered every time before a flight now. Payload and Fuel in game don’t have the slider to set total. Have to individually add passenger weight and adjust each fuel tank.

Can no longer tab through the Payload and Fuel settings to make changes. Need to click individually on each setting to make a change. Much more difficult to prepare the aircraft with SU5.

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