Aircraft Texture Issue [Solved]

Can anybody advise as to why i’m having this issue.
When i zoom in and out in third person view, as you can see from the video. The textures are popping in and out distorting, showing landing gear down when it’s clearly not. I wanted to see if anyone would know what could be causing this? latest drivers installed.

I don’t remember having this issue on a previous install. I have no idea whats causing this. any advice on how to go about solving this issue would be apprecaited.

Having it as well. I submitted a ticket. Make sure you do the same.

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Ironically, my aircraft aren’t doing that, but my mountains are. I’m sorry I can’t help.

Ok, will do.

This looks like a bad case of LOD. Makes sense considering the bad LOD terrain spikes that dissapear when you get closer that were also introduced in today’s update. As said, make a ticket

Solved my issue. Apparently I didn’t notice that my object detail slider was changed. Set it back to 95 and got rid of my aircraft distortion.

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Will try this now @JayLoC06, thanks.

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solved - thanks @JayLoC06

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