Aircraft visible in World Map while zoomed out

In the World Map, it would be good to have an option that aircraft icons are visible while zoomed out. This would make a search for other aircraft easier.

It would be nice to select the start height of flight

You can already

? More info? How does one select a higher altitude on start?

Click anywhere on the map. You’ll get a start location, with an altitude. Change the altitude. It’s pretty intuitive

Just tried to do so. I cannot change the altitude.

Actually I wanted to do this first time just for testing an aircraft not even thinking about this absulute basic function I am used from P3D for years.But MSFS is full of unwanted surprises. Cannot change it. Just one more redicolous thing. I stopped wondering. Same with not being able to change aircraft or location while in flight. Have to use FSFlightcontrol now but it is likely to crash to desktop.

i’m always looking for people to fly with, this would be useful and i think about this daily. maybe even an option to filter aircraft type

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No, you can’t… clearly not very “intuitive”…