Aircraft Wish List

-Cessna 310R (old school steam with basic gps) need a twin for the poors…
-Cessna AGWagon
-Ryan STA(fully decked out with pants)
-Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet single engine business jet FTW
-Beachcraft model 18, because it exists…
-450 Super Stearman, just skip the jennys and tigermoths and other weaksauce
-Lancair Propjet 350+ cruise
-Schleicher ASH 26 E self-launching
-Dash 8 Q200
-Mooney M20k 305 rocket

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C5-Galaxy, one of the most important planes in USA history.

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One of these?

Nice, thank you!

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For me more turboprops and a couple of jets and a few GA’s


Heart Aerospace ES19
Beechcraft B1900D
Dash 8 100

The forgotten Douglas DC5
Douglas DC7
Douglas DC4

Cessna 185 floats
Tecnam p2006T
Tecnam p2012 Traveler

Crj 200
Douglas DC9 30
Douglas DC8

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Check it out:

Milviz Cessna 310 Previews - Third Party Addon Discussion / Aircraft - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Both of those are piston powered. The 2006 is Rotax powered, and the 2012 has Lycomings.

Thanks for the info I’ll make the edit soon

British Classics like the BAC1-11 and the Vickers collection. Some of us remember these actually in service we have to chance to see them again in a simulator that is very close to real. Also the Boeing, Convair and Douglas aircraft. We had them in Fs95/FSX but to see them in this sim? Pure magic.


Cessna 150E
Cessna 172N
Cessna P210N


De Haviland Chipmunk

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Boeing Dreamlifter, Airbus beluga, DC10, DC11, A380 (for the xbox,) or any passenger jetliners or which would be a long shot probably B17 Flying Fortress

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A350 for me :+1:


I’m just waiting for these for some regional flights:

Boeing 737-800
ATR 72-600
Bombardier Q400
Airbus A220
Embraer EMB-190/195


Hawker Harrier GR.1

Jump jet


A Cessna 206 is much more realistic as an ask from Asobo. They already have a license agreement with Textron. It’s not a big stretch from what’s already in sim. It’s still in production and I for one would pay for it if it included G1000 & steam gauge version and with floats and skis added for good measure.

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Need this. :grinning:


PMDG Boeing 737 MAX version, PMDG Boeing 747, PMDG Boeing 757, PMDG Boeing 767, and PMDG Boeing 777.
But especially a PMDG Boeing 757/767 freighter would be awesome.

And two interesting Fenix Airbusses, maybe the classic: an A319 version (and of course the A320), and the more exotic Fenix A350 (this one is really beautyful it´s the Boeing 767 of the Airbusses!)

Have a good flight!


In no particular order

MD 11
BAC 1-11
Tiger Moth
Dash 8 Q400

Obviously we already have a 747 but I mean more like one from PMDG!

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The PMDG Fenix Airbus A350-1000. One can dream… :smiley:

Jean-Luc Picard approved! Sometimes he goes into the holo-deck and flies this one when not solving virtual Sherlock Holmes cases with Data…
Fenix where are you Feeeeeeenix do you see this? Isn´t this an airplane you would love to re-create for the sim after the A320 release? :wink: