Aircrafts from SAGQ : Canadair CL-215T and Canso PBY-5A

If I remember well, there’s also some who have build in-sim mini autopilot where we can set value like AP HDG, plus other values, this could help anyone, waiting for additional enhancements


Yes, it can be done …

Currently, I tried to make this plane as accurate as Hydro’Z (the author of the XP9 version of this plane) had made it. I’ll see if I can add it to my checklist.

That said, I don’t want to respond favorably to every new request either :sunglasses: people are always requiring news fonction to my Menestrel HN-433 …





@Eyz1978 & @SimFlight2020,
This afternoon, I have begin to study the “AP HDG indicator” modification. It’s easy to realize on Blender, for the XML code, I have some idea (to continue …)


Great! Thks a lot !

Lagaffe, after the Beaver and the Canso, think you’ll go back to the CL-215T? I found Ice Pilots NWT late in life and need to complete my Buffalo Airways fleet. (The Canso fits that too!)

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We are enjoying these news :+1:, looking forward to next release
Hope this is not too much work to make it working …

Cannot access the download for the PBY-5A using the supplied login information.


It definitley works, I just tried it.

Make sure to follow the exact instructions, especially about using the french version of the site.

I already have it, so I know how to access the download, but I made a link to give to someone else to get it and decided to make sure it was still available and that is when I found the problem. It was ok before.


Never mind. It is working now for some reason.

First, two versions of this site are online, a French version for French speakers and an English version for others.
In these conditions, why do you advise to go and consult the French page since you are English-speaking?
Secondly, there is a Home page that gives a lot of information but most users :sunglasses:

  • go directly to the download page,
  • create an account on the site: which is absolutely not required (see the Home page) and
  • do not read the yellow highlighted lines that are just above the links.

A fortiori, reading this information in French or via a Google-like translator can change the account/password that is supposed to protect against hotlinks and lead you to errors.

So take the trouble to read before anything else :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Because the person I was sending the link to is French Canadian.

I did read the instructions and downloaded the PBY-5A successfully for myself long ago thanks.

When I revisited the site yesterday to check that it was still available I must have done something different, but eventually I corrected that, so as stated before I now have no problems.

Thank you for your addon. Merci beaucoup.


This afternoon I have compiled a new version (blisters and water-bomber) with some modifications in 3D models and XML code to take in account SimFlight2020 & Eyz1978 requirements.

Some tests are needed but I try to released this one before SU12 (Tuesday 21/03).


Fantastic! Thanks a lot. Good job.

We have find an old bug which prevented the transfer of some COMP textures during the compilation of the model.
This bug is related to the use of the Vitus plugin on Blender 2.83 that I always use. Fortunately, the workaround was found via FSDeveloper (Anthony from Ants Simulation) and the textures are correctly exported.

It’s now time to switch Blender version and I’m thinking of switching directly to the 3.x branch with the latest plugin from Asobo.


Good Luck!!!

Thanks !

The change to the heading indicator was applied and despite a small scare after installing SU12 and its SDK, the Canso could be recompiled completely and it was tested under SU12:
=> it works perfectly.

During previous compilations, I had a lot of warnings about the creation of COMP textures. The problem is now fixed and the missing COMP textures are there… it remains to review the textures that were not processed in PBR, at least those for which it makes sense.

Rather than releasing a version with these two modifications, I started to add the rivets as decals, a technique I got to know when I started my Beaver (Return of the Beaver - #51 by LagaffeVFR5476).
It seems to work well. As there are a lot of plate joints on the fuselage and a lot of rivets, it might take me a week to do it.


I know the CANSO is ‘work in progress’ and as such I can’t tell if I’m doing something wrong or if its the aircraft still being fixed. Figured I try to find out by asking here - thanks in advance if anyone knows any answers!

  1. Water start, can start my engines fine but its impossible to keep the plane in position - it just starts moving forward on its own - I’m guessing there are no tie downs yet modeled? Is there a secret to keeping the aircraft in place while warming up?

  2. It seems hit or miss but half the time when I do take off almost immediately I start losing RPMs on both engines without touching tdhe propeller controls. Am I doing something wrong? I try to ‘warm up’ the engines but as noted in question 1 the aircraft starts moving forward if I do.

  3. When the aircraft first spawns in at a water start it doesn’t just sit there nicely in one place, its slowly turns back and forth (no engines are on). Again, do I need to do something or is this because its still ‘work in progress’?

  4. Once the engines are started it seems almost impossible to turn/change direction - is there a secret to turning in the water once the engines are started?

  5. I know ‘heading’ is being worked on but it seems that getting the AP/GPS to find and hold a GPS direction works off and on for me. Any secrets to getting this to work more consistently or is this again ‘work in progress’?

Trying to be patient as I know this is a free add on and other aircraft are being worked on simultaneously. This will be my favorite aircraft in the sim once complete. Meanwhile any help/hints/tricks regarding the above will go a long way to keep me plugging away in the meantime!

Correct, I don’t think he has a mooring modeled, and, no, as was pointed out above, I think there’s a link to a blog page describing how water planes do their warmup/runup when in the water, on the move. You don’t want to run your engines when moored anyway as you’ll stress the plane. This is the way it is, there is no way to set still in the water with the engines running.

It’s not a secret, typically, especially with planes the size of the PBY, you use differential thrust on the engines to turn (one engine faster than the other).

Are you making sure your CDI is set to GPS and not VOR/LOC? I don’t use AP very often, so I can’t help you much beyond that.

Thanks for the reply FlyingsCool! Any thoughts on why my RPMs seem to drop minutes into the flight without me touching the propeller controls? Is this because I’m not letting it warm up (is this even modelled)?

And yes, my CDI is set to GPS (seems like I need to turn it on/off sometimes to get the ‘GPS’ light on the compass to turn on) but even then it only seems to follow maybe half the time).

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