Aircrafts from SAGQ : Canadair CL-215T and Canso PBY-5A

Before any flight you should open fuel valve and be sure that tanks are full.
If you start with CTRL+E, fuel valve aren’t open.

You are not the first to have encountered this problem. The opening valves are behind the pilot’s head so it requires some handling.

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Fuel valves are definitely open. Its once I get airborne after say 5 minutes my RPMs start to drop. Must be user error so I’ll keep trying.

I don’t know if engine damage is modeled. If it is, you need to reduce both the Manifold pressure and RPM’s within a couple of minutes of takeoff, or you’ll damage the engines. Typical maximum time at max MP and RPM is about 5 minutes or so, max. After that, damage will ensue.

Of course, that needs to be modeled for it to cause damage in the sim. I don’t know if it was.

Turns out it was the manifold and RPMs - cannot leave them running high for very long. When monitored and kept in a ‘relaxed’ state everything works well.

So with everything else on Lagaffe’s plate I have some more CANSO questions but there is no rush to get answers. Just throwing them out there because this will be my favorite aircraft once complete:

How on earth do you get this aircraft to slow down during water landings? Any hints/tricks? Outside of almost completely cutting the engine nothing seems to work…

Will the side cockpit windows ever be made clear? At the moment they are all blurred out. MSFS has beautiful scenery and when flying this bird I can’t see a lot of it.

I believe he is working on adding a workable HEADING bug - is that correct?

Is there / will there be - a way to remove GPS? I like flying old school!

Cockpit textures need some wear and tear (just an opinion). Thought I read textures might be getting updated - true?

Again, no rush for answers…

This aircraft is notorious for not being able to fly for long if the manifolds is too high. Some code to make this happen has already been introduced in version 0.8.0

As for the Heading Bug, it is fixed in my working version.

The problem of the side windows is known : windshield texture on the inside of the windows which is a problem even though it is supposed to be able to show the inside fog. This is already corrected in my working version.

To slow down this plane, you have several method. One of them is named “glissade” in french also crabbed approach in english .

It consist in a double action: use the rudder to turn in a direction and in the same time use the yoke to turn in the opposite direction, the aircraft shoud loose speed because it go ahead in bias. You can alternate left and right movements with the rudder to the runway beginning and then land your aircraft.

I am studying the anchor available on the DHC-2 in order to add one on the Canso.

For the GPS, I wille see if I find a solution to hide it or to use a KLN90 model which can work :sunglasses:

And at last, I am experimenting a UI modification which can display a Damage Mod on a child windows.


Wow…didn’t expect a reply this quickly. Thanks very much for responding. Sounds like the next version will continue to move this project in a great direction. Thank you.

I believe the only way to model an anchor is the event: FREEZE_LATITUDE_LONGITUDE_TOGGLE
Not ideal though as the plane will weather vane around its axis.


Before the next version and although the integration of the requested button on the Heading Indicator gauge is already done, I wanted to propose another VC for the Canso PBY-6, with steam gauges.

I’m currently testing the code provided by another developer FALCON71 to model a KLN90B.


Add Freeze Attitude and It will keep its Heading too.

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