Airliner training - takeoff - stuck

i am trying to perform the airliner training
the objectives start with
“Ctrl + 5” to “Check the MCDU” - this works ok and i progress to the next step
“Use 6 to check the PFD” - this i cannot do
i have reset my keyboard bindings to default
i have tried pressing 6, ctrl + 6,alt + 6, numpad 6 (with numlock on), numpad 6 (with numlock off) - nothing seems to register as passing the objective - so i can’t go forward with the training

anybody have any ideas?

My complete system is in a shut down configuration and I can not start engines and electrical systems. When I try to start, engines spin up, electr. system starts, but a few seconds later erverything shuts down again.

Similar problem with landing lesson. Lesson starts with aircraft in shut down configuration + electr. system almost off, Master Alarm + Warning on… Now, how to land if you can´t use your monitors and without thrust?

edit: I have just recognized, that my Joystick control doesn´t work anymore. I can setup joystick in controls option menu without problems, but during gameplay yoke jitters…can remember same problem happened in an earlier update as well. so anoying these updates…so many issues and even more problems after every new update, it´s so disappointing

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The same here with the airliner training…

At my System I can play the Training without problem but the speaker reads the german text with the US English voice…so I can understand nothing. Cessna Flightschool is fine.

found it - the tutorial is lying
it meant ctrl + 1 (or whatever button gets you to the panel directly above the MCDU

found the solution
the tutorial is lying
it meant
ctrl + 1
or whatever button gets you to the panel directly above the MCDU

Problem solved after I removed the Fly-by-Wire Airbus from my community folder.

Every time I have tried the Airliner takeoff training, the instructor says “when I give the word, you’ll do a straight-out takeoff…”, but then she never actually gives the word. I just sit there forever on the runway waiting for her instruction. And if I try to take off on my own, it causes me to fail the mission and have to restart. I’ve logged out and back in, and even restarted my computer, and I get the same thing every time.

You should open the Objectives window. In there step-by-step instructions are given.

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Thank you! For some reason, objectives was open but not on-screen, so it never occurred to me.

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