Airlines selection

Is there a way to display the whole airline not just the name in the airline selection section? I want Ryanair to be displayed like the rest of the planes. See photo.

Each livery folder has a Texture folder that contains these two files:

  • thumbnail.jpg (1618p x 582p)
  • thumbnail_small.jpg (600p x 216p)

These two files are responsible for the thumbnail icon that you see on the menu. I think they misjudged how the logo is suppose to scale. As a general note, the Airline logo should be no more than 350p horizontally or 300p vertically. Anything more than this, and you’ll see cropped logo like in your Ryanair or a very tight logo like your Lufthansa.

I personally don’t like the way the planes are rendered like your Emirates or the Default aircraft. Because frankly, when you have over 50 liveries all of which are basically has white paint base, they will look practically identical and difficult to choose unless you’re absolutely reading the livery name underneath it. I find having logos as the thumbnail icon, given that it’s uniformly created to have the same style looks better from my opinion and easier to choose from.

This is how I set up mine:

But that being said, if you want to use the standardise the thumbnails like the default aircraft angle. You can refer to this video.

Thank you so much. I used the video you sent me and replaced the thumbnail to the one I wanted.

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